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Sapphire Expansion Remastered

Sapphire Expansion Remastered
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This is a complete remake of my Add-on Sapphire Expansion from the ground up. Yes this is a demo version release of the Remastered version of Sapphire Expansion. I plan on bringing back all the mobs i had in it originally but they will undergo some changes before Demo 4 release and be avail in the demo 4 version. So for now Here is the Third Demo Release of Sapphire Expansion "Remastered".

aside from enabling caves  cliffs tab an the game test tab do not enable those 2 just the others.

This demo has a handful of blocks.
Sapphire Ore{uncommon}
Purple Astral ore {Rare}
Blackstone Sapphire Ore{Nether}
[ores naturally spawn]
Sapphire Gem Block
Purple Astral Crystal Block
Sapphire Gold Block
Sapphire Polished Chiseled Blackstone
Scorched Plank
Scorched Log
Scorched Leaves 
New Blocks 
Scorched workbench  
Metallurgy Work bench
Charred Soil(fuel function isnt working so for now ugly decor block)
Obsidian Grinder
Iron Bowl
Obsidian Iron Grinder
Sapphire Gem
Purple Astral Crystal
Sapphire Gold Ingot
Sapphire Gem Dust
Purple Astral Dust
Molten Sapphire Gold
Sapphire Ore Crop
Purple Astral Crystal Ore Crop
Sapphire Gold Ore Crop
Scorched Stix. 
There is currently 3 sets of armor in this demo.
Purple Astral Crystal Armor
Sapphire  Armor 
Sapphire Gold Armor
each set is 4 peices of armor
So in total 12 new peices of armor to use.

For now there is 1 full set of weapons and tools.
{Sapphire Set
Sapphire Sword
Sapphire Axe
Sapphire Pickaxe
Sapphire Shovel
Sapphire Hoe.
{Astral Set Complete}
Sword Axe Pickaxe Shovel Hoe.
{Sapphire Gold Set Complete}
Sword Axe Pickaxe Shovel Hoe
Pending New Ideas

If ye still want to play with the old version of Sapphire Expansion ye still can ill have the link that has the zip file ... no mcaddon file i cant get those to work after editing my addons code im unable to full turn the files back in to mcaddon files that one click or touch install. yes it'll start but it gives a error msg every time. Be sure you watch the how to install video.
There is also a crafting Guide video as well. Im not going to be listing all the crafting here so you will have to watch the video for crafting or just make a world an figure it out on ye own which ever you choose.


  1. Unpack Zip file after download
  2. Move  folder with RP at end into resources pack folder found in the game folder
  3. repeat step 2 with Behaviour Pack it will have BP at end of folder title. place in Behaviours Pack Folder found in the game folder.

Supported Minecraft versions

  • 1.17.30
  • 1.17.11
  • 1.17
  • 1.16.221



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