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Hello welcome, thanks for entering. Below we will explain what this plugin is for. This add-on is used to buy potion effects, with an infinite time. They are not powers as such, but you can have up to 10 effects at the same time thanks to this addon. You can choose the effect level. You have from level 1, up to level 4. Each effect is bought with "Mana". This mana is obtained thanks to some Mana books that you will find around the world. To know how much mana you have, you will simply see the scoreboard that you have on your right on the screen. This addon requires the most recent version of Minecraft, and you have to activate the experimental game from gametest.


As I said before, you can get mana through your world in a structure, and to visualize it, you will have to see the scoreboard that comes out on the right.
In this case, since I don't have mana, nothing appears, but if I add mana with the special book ...
And this is how you get mana, it is simply to use that purple book, and it will grant you 10 mana.
You can add more mana with commands, the command is as follows:
And as you can see, he already added the mana I asked for.

Magi House

Well, now, in order to find these Mana books, you will have to look for a structure, it is a House of Magicians. You can find it in your world.
Inside those towers you can get mana. There will be 2 chests with 2 books. With those 2 books you would get 20 levels of mana.
And apart from mana, you can find some random loot like in the pyramids or villages.


This book will be in your inventory from the moment you appear in the game. You can never remove it from your inventory, since it is very important to have it on hand to be able to buy the effects. 
You can open this book, like a book with a pen, when you open it, the following interface will open:
As you can see, this book is interactive, like an npc with buttons.
You will have 4 options, which are the credits, another button to close the book, and 2 more options to choose a specific page.
On page 1 you will find 5 potion effects. As on page 2


As you can see on the first page there are 5 effects. You can choose the one you want, obviously you can only get them by having enough mana.
In this case I chose the "Haste" effect as an example. And there it tells you how much Mana you need for each level of effect.
For a level 1 potion effect, you need 50 mana, for level 2 you need 100, for level 3 you need 150, and lastly, for level 4, you need 200 mana.
You can choose your effect and level. 
In case any effect bothers you, you will simply open the page where you bought that effect, and you will give the option to:
Be careful not to drink milk, because if it has the other effects, they will be lost. That is why that option was added. When dying you can also lose the effects, so be very careful.
Next, I'll show page 2 of the book:
In total there are 10 effects in the book !!!
THIS ADDON MODIFIES THE FILE: "npc_interactions.json" So the vanilla npc's will be affected by this new interface.


You just have to click on the file and it will be automatically imported into the game.

This addon requires the most recent version of Minecraft, and you have to activate the experimental game from gametest.

Supported Minecraft versions

  • 1.17.30



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