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Skillful Items Addon 0.1

Skillful Items Addon 0.1
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This addon adds items with special abilities, all items have an interesting mechanic that will contribute to your survival. All tools are enchanting and repairable, and each one has its advantages.

In addition to these there is also the lapis lazuli apple, it is made in the same way as the redstone and diamond apple. But instead of the diamond, you put blue pencil
All apples give a different special effect.
1° Netherstar Apple (best apple)
2° Netherite Apple
3° Diamond Apple 
4° Lapis Apple
5° Redstone Apple (worst apple)
each drill mines a number of different blocks, as shown in the image above.
The damage of the shurikens refer to the damage of the sword, their advantage is that you can throw the mobs like an arrow.
There is also the explosive Shuriken, it explodes a certain area of ​​blocks.
Daggers do one less damage than swords, for example: if the diamond sword does 7 damage the diamond dagger will do 6 damage.
When you hit a creature with the bat sword a bat will appear to distract the creatures while you kill them.
the bat wing is dropped when you kill a bat
bigswords slow down when you attack a Creature.
the carrot recipes are all the same, the only thing that changes is the ore used to make them.
The only different carrot recipe is the netherite carrot, you need a netherite bar on the left side and a diamond carrot on the right side
when you put a hammer next to an iron block on the crafting table you will get the iron plate
Illuminatic BattleAxe
Damage: 16
special ability: When you hit a mob with this ax, lightning will fall on them.
Illuminatic Pickaxe
Special Ability: It breaks blocks at an absurdly fast speed and breaks both the top and bottom blocks at once. She also turns lava into obsidian.
Magmatic Sword
Damage: 12
Special Ability: It makes fire appear when you hit a mob.
Magmatic Sword T2blue
Damage: 15
Special Ability: When you hit a mob it makes blue fire appear in a certain area of ​​blocks, so it helps you by burning the mobs
Endynium Hammer
The Endynium Hammer has two modes, to change modes just put the hammer on the crafting table.
Normal Mode
In my opinion this is the best way, it breaks all the blocks, but it only drops ores, and when you break an ore it goes straight to your inventory.
Drop Mode
In this mode, it will break all blocks and drop them all.
these are some complementary items
As you can see in the photos above, everything works perfectly
Texture used in the photo: pixel perfect bedrock
Shader: Bun Shader


This Addon has two versions...
One of them doesn't have shurikens, so it doesn't use player.json and the other one has shurikens but uses player.json

Supported Minecraft versions

  • 1.17



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