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TP Request/Accept System [Prototype]

TP Request/Accept System [Prototype]
Addons for Minecraft PE
The Tp request/accept system will allow people to send request to others via chat messages. It runs on Mojang's experimental Gametest framework and requires the gametest framework to be enabled (further details bellow) .Thanks to TheDarkCarnage and ElectricNinja25 for helping out with testing.

(All commands require a prefix at the start of them)


tprequest <name>
This commands will send a teleport request to another player. Please note that only one request can be sent at a time. This restriction may be lifted in the future.
Alternate inputs: tpatparequest
cancelrequest <name>
This commands cancels a request sent to another player.
Alternate inputs: tpactpcancel
tpaccept <name>
A commands which allows you to accept someone's request to teleport to your location.
Alternate inputs: tpaa
tpreject <name>
A command which allows you to reject someone's request to teleport to your location. The sender will receive a notification that their request has been denied as well.
Alternate inputs: tpar

Setting up:

As long as the Gametest framework is enabled, it will function.
The default prefix is "=".

Supported Minecraft versions

  • 1.17



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