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Weak Planks

Weak Planks
Addons for Minecraft PE
This add-on adds 24 new, weaker plank blocks
The 'Holiday Creator Features' and 'Experimental Molang Features' experimental toggles must be active for this pack to function.

Weak Planks:

Each weak plank type in this add-on has 5 stages of weakness. If the player or any other entity (including items) is on the block, the stage will increase every 0.6 seconds.
When the entity steps off, the block it will keep its weakness and when stepped on again, will carry on breaking from its stage. After stage 4 the block will break causing anything on top of it to fall.
If an entity falls at least 10 blocks onto a weak plank, the block will break, no matter what its weakness is.
Clicking on a weak plank while holding a stick will lock the weak plank to its current weakness. Standing on it and falling onto it won't affect its weakness. To remove the reinforcement, click on the weak plank with an axe.
To obtain the weak planks smelt the desired plank type in a furnace:

Unstable Planks:

Unstable planks have a 50% chance to fall beneath your feet when stepped on.
They can be obtained by combining a plank and weak plank of the same variety in a crafting table or your 2×2 crafting grid, as seen below:

Insecure Planks:

When stepped on, the insecure plank, and other insecure planks that surround it, will be destroyed.
To obtain insecure planks, smelt weak planks in a furnace:
If you want to make traps, these are great blocks for you! You can hide the planks under small blocks (e.g. carpets), without stopping them from weakening when stepped on.

Supported Minecraft versions

  • 1.17



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