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True Backpack (V1.2)

True Backpack (V1.2)
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"Now with compatibility" Looking for a backpack to carry your items? Well, here is an addon that adds a backpack that can help you in addition to an indicator so that you know if you have the backpack or not


2 new slots were added.

-Save water and wash

-Save any tool

classic backpack:

the easiest backpack to craft

slot : 64

Ender backpack
Give him an ender chest to make his simple backpack an "ender backpack"

slot : 256

16,384 items that you can save , it is an exaggerated amount. now you can take a whole house in a backpack

This backpack does not burn so do not worry if you die from the lava

The addon brings an indicator that shows if the player is carrying the backpack on their back

How to remove the backpack from my back?

to do it you need the "remove backpack".

press and hold the screen or use right click


What other functions does it have?

The backpack can grab things that are in its range

If the player dies for any reason, the backpack can save a part of their things if they have unfilled inventory

Backpack crafting and remove backpack

"remove backpack":




it is necessary to download the RP and BP in addition to activating THE EXPERIMENTAL MODES

Supported Minecraft versions

  • 1.17.30
  • 1.17.11
  • 1.17



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