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Wool Survival (Beta 2)

Wool Survival (Beta 2)
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IMPORTANT: This is a BETA, it may not be stable in some cases and all content is subject to change.
This is a standalone addon, meaning it is likely not compatible with other addons.
Wool Survival is an expansive add-on that completely changes the experience of the game, to focus more on building, exploring, and progressing than grinding or surviving. Many limiting mechanics are either removed or scaled down, such as hunger and durability. Wool Survival creates fully-custom worlds that are soft, fluffy paradises. Its worlds use completely custom terrain generation and blocks, using no vanilla biomes or blocks. Wool Survival offers a wide host of new blocks that are easy-to-access and have vibrant textures . Explore a new world. Build a massive kingdom. Spelunk to your heart's content. Stave back a vast horde of monsters. What you do in this wonderland is yours to decide

Wool Survival introduces fully customized terrain made entirely of custom wool blocks! Wool Survival's landscape has unique traits and shapes, with vibrantly-colored grass and a bright blue sky above. The world is fully survivable, and is composed of 6 land biomes and 2 water biomes!
Wool Survival implements new resources that spawn underground, found in caves and mines for crafting new blocks and items. Resources are abundant, for ease-of-access to builders, to eliminate Minecraft's traditional grind-for-thousands-of-blocks-if-you-want-to-build-something-big dilemma.
Wool Survival has a new crafting system, introducing many new building blocks, along with two armor sets and three shears, which serve you as both tool and weapon to shape your worlds. Building blocks always have a 1:1 crafting ratio, so you never lose blocks when crafting them!
Wool Survival keeps Minecraft's classic monsters as their fluffy counterparts, to keep you on your toes during night time or mining sessions deep underground. One of Wool Survival's core elements is laid-back gameplay, so even though there are monsters, there is no hunger or durability to stop you from building whatever you like in this dream-like sandbox.

Supported Minecraft versions

  • 1.16.220 (beta)



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