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ComputerCraft [v1.0.2, Stocks Update]

ComputerCraft [v1.0.2, Stocks Update]
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ComputerCraft is an addon that adds drones that can do many tasks, such as felling, attacking, collecting items, excavating, etc. Which are all completely done automatically, without a player's help. As well as other machines such as computers.

v1.0.0 Showcase


v1.0.1 - v1.0.2 Showcase


Drones will lose power as they do tasks. If they are not doing a task, they will not lose power. If their power gets to 0, they will stop their actions and return to a nearby bot charger. If there is no bot charger within simulated distance, they will simply do nothing

Drone Programs

  • Collect Items: collects items within a 30 block range and brings it back to a nearby bot hopper
  • Felling: locates and destroys logs as well as leaves within a 30 block radius (requires felling chip upgrade)
  • Attacking: shoots arrows at nearby hostile mobs (requires attack chip upgrade)
  • Excavating: moves forward and digs a 3x3 hole in front of it (requires excavate chip upgrade)

Drone Actions

  • Follow Player: follows the closest player
  • Return to Charge: returns the bot to a nearby bot charger
  • Pause Program: pauses running program
  • Pick up: returns the bot to your inventory rounding its power to the lower 10,000 as well as all applied upgrades

Drone Upgrades

  • Felling Chip
  • Attack Chip
  • Excavate Chip



This block is used to craft drones, can play text games, and has a stock market.

Stock Market

The stock market works similarly to a real-life stock market. Buy FluffyCoins for the value in emeralds and sell for the value in emeralds (eg. if the value is 10, you can buy 1 coin for 10 emeralds). The Update Stock button will pass time, making the stock value go up or down by a random amount. This button has a 1-hour cooldown. The stock value will not become less than 0 or greater than 190

Recipes (don't show up in recipe book)




Turn on "Holiday Creator Features" and "Additional Modding Capabilities" In the world settings or the addon will not work!
This addon does NOT use player.json. It is compatible with any other addon!

Supported Minecraft versions

  • 1.17.11
  • (beta)
  • 1.17
  • 1.16.230 (beta)
  • 1.16.221



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