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Better Minecraft Mod (New Weapons, Biomes, Mobs and more!)

Better Minecraft Mod (New Weapons, Biomes, Mobs and more!)
Addons for Minecraft PE
Have you ever thought yourself that Minecraft can get a bit boring after you had (couple of times) defeated a Dragon of End, collected a full house of emeralds, had won all social servers mini-games?
Or think that it all may get boring like hamster wheel in the end as you have never got any diamond? Then, maybe it is time for something new. Maybe, it's time for an adventure!

Dark vales of Herobrines lands and their armies
The High mountains biome. Forested foothills are also visible.
Woodland generated as valley in high mountains. You can also see a woodland hut structure.
The dead volcanos of creeper lands biome with lot of zombies and generated structure zombie house.
The weird looking creeper hills. No structures and vegetation are there.
The grassy hills biome. You can find lot of sheeps there.
High Mountains form the top.
One of "structures" that appear from time to time in Herobrines Lands.
Alps and their foothills. You can find spruce trees here as well as mega fir trees.
Castle counties biome, populated by villagers.
Wasteland biome with lot of tallgrass and ruins
Lakeland Mountains biome. There are lakes... and mountains.
Clearing in lower woods biome.
Extreme Hills are also updated in this mod.
Woodland Mountains Biome.
Fir forest. Fir is only tree generating there.
Pine taiga biome.
Another picture of High Mountains.
Subtropical plains biome with mangos, oranges and occasionally olives.
Hot lava pools in Volcano biome.
Highland biome. It is plateau-like version of plains. Some fortresses and towers built by either illagers or villagers can be found.
The Mountain biome. Tin and iron is more common here than in another biomes.
Rivers running through deserts are now transformed into dry rivers.
Hot desert mountains biome.
Desert oasis is only place in desert where you can find wood and water.
Abandoned saloon is new structure found in mesa.
Beautiful waterfalls in highlands.
Day in dense forest biome.
In Red plains biome you can find very rare structure - the Red town. It is inhabited by plains folk.
Another view at castle counties with castle in background. Heavy villager warrior probably decided that he will protect the castle.
Mountainous landscape and Illager watchtower in background.
The rarest biome in the overworld are Emerald hills.
There is new variant of savanna - colourful savanna plateau.
Dungeon Entrance in Herobrines lands biome. I wonder what's inside.
Spiders liar in the Sick enchanted forest.
Beautiful vale in Taiga Highlands.
Tall and shattered red mountains.
Temperate hills in Larch taiga biome. Larch is most common tree in this biome, but pines and spruces can also been found.
Wizards tower in extreme hills.
Wood-folk lives in their woods.
Swampland marsh biome at night.
Ruined castle in wastelands with its inhabitants.
Illusioner's tower in Sick enchanted forest.
Beech forest biome that contains beech trees.
Lake biome. It generates near taigas or wilderland.
Deserted savanna inhabited by its dangerous inhabitants - the Billagers.
The white mountains biome is composed of three types of stone, those stones are marble, calcite and diorite.
Orchard, houses and mountain.
Ruined fortress in forest.
What would it be biome adding add-on without sakura cherry groves. Right?
Outstandingly tall mountain in alps.
Nice, quiet and mostly harmless. Best place to build a house!
Why are illagers building a beacon towers on the coastlines?
This mod also adds some new content to the end dimension.
Who are they and what are they doing in my cave?
Watch out! They came for you. They are looking for you. Their master wants you dead.
You wander the world and come across of a ruined settlement. Hmm...
Wonderfull spruce highlands are the only place, where you can find blueberries.
“The better Minecraft” add-on is adding lot of new biomes and structures as you may see in the pictures above.
There are things for new unskilled players as well as for professional gamers. You can take a challenge and try to live in creeper lands that are full of enemies or live in peace in castle counties guarded by villager warriors.
For the miners there are high mountains where they can find ores like tin and copper generating more frequently or search for diamonds generating all the way up to the y-coordinate 96.
This add-on is adding several new biomes with their variants (see the list below) containing their unique structures and landscapes. Main and most noticeable of them are listed below.
Castle counties biome is very similar to vanilla plains, however containing more villager houses and castles are being generated out there. No hostile mobs can surprise you and spawn there.
High Mountains is biome with very high peaks often higher than y-160  coordinates (highest peaks can be about y-250). To have a bit more smoother slopes foothills are added as sub-biome.
Herobrine's lands are hilly biome similar to Volcano, however with no trees. The biome is very rare, but they are very easy to spot. Dead grass, blackstone on surface and thousands of zombies and skeletons. It is better to go here well prepared. Mysterious structures are from time to time appearing around the biome. This is also the only biome, where you can find the star of herobrine but shhhhh...
Creeper lands and their sub biomes of creeper hills are biomes mainly made from obsidian. It is post-apocalyptic wasteland with few towers and hoards of illagers.
Grassy hills biome is the perfect one for shepherds. Vegetation, mobs and animals are same there like in the vanilla plains, but more sheep can be found there. Some wine shops can be found here also.
Woodland biome is biome with very hilly terrain and lot of big oak trees. Podzol and coarse dirt make up most of the surface here.
List of biomes
  • Castle counties - Biome full of villager houses and villagers.
  • High mountains - Very high snow covered mountains. Copper tin and diamonds are very common here. This biome is extremely rare.
  • Herobrine lands - Deserted vales full of enemies.
  • Creeper lands - Biome heavily inhabited by illagers.
  • Hills - Rolling hills with lot of sweet berries and some spruce trees.
  • Grassy hills - Hills that are grassy. It belongs to the extreme hills biome family, that means goats, marble, and emeralds can be found there.
  • Alps - Mountains with lot of sprucee trees. Some mountains are composed of cyan terracotta.
  • Swampland marsh - Variant of swampland with more mixed generation.
  • Wasteland - Plains with lot of ruins.
  • Pine Taiga - Taiga, composed only of pines.
  • Woodland - Denser and hillier variant of forest. Pine and spruce trees can be found here alongside oaks.
  • Lower Woods - Variant of forest with only oak tree generating.
  • Dense forest - Variant of forest with tall oak and beech trees. Lush cave always generate underneath.
  • Lakeland Mountains - Spruce taiga with lot of lakes an hills. Inspired by Canada and northern Europe.
  • Sick Enchanted Darkwood forest - Forest with very dense sicks-looking trees. Very thick purple fog lowers your render distance in this biome to 1 chunk. Illusioners towers can be found generating there.
  • Fir Forest - Forest composed only of firs and mega firs.
  • Highland - Biome with lot of vales, plateaus and hills. Lot of fortresses can generate.
  • Volcano - Biome with lot of lava and basalt. Volcanic mountains are its sub-biome.
  • Subtropical plains - Plains with mango, orange and olive trees. Sand sometimes repaces grass in this biome.
  • The mountain - Biome with lot of tin and iron. Whole biome generates as one big but not tall mountain.
  • Larch taiga - Taiga with mostly larch trees.
  • Red plains - Plains that contain lot of granite and caverock. Red towns are biggest structure in this mod that is exclusive to this biome.
  • Red Mountains - Mountain with very shattered generation. Pine and oak are trees that generate on its slopes. Mountains are mostly made of granite.
  • White Mountains - Huge masses of marble, calcite and diorite with snowy peaks.
  • Desert mountains - Hot mountains composed of stone and sand. They are lowest elevated mountains in this mod.
  • Orchard - Lines of apple and pear trees separated by fences.
  • Emerald Hills - Extremely rare biome with huge masses of emerald ore. They generate only on places where very rare mutation of high mountains borders ocen.
  • Wilderland - Biome where only animals can spawn.
  • Wood-folks woods - Woods where wood-folk made their homes.
  • Glistering caves - Caves that are glistering!
  • Pine Highlands - Highland biome with lot of vales and gray pines.
  • Deserted savanna - Savanna with some sand and billager houses.
  • Ghostly biomes - Biomes with thick whit fog and ghosts.
  • Spruce Taiga - Taiga made consisting only spruce trees.
  • Windlands - Plains with no flowers and some windmills.
  • Beech Forest - Forest only containing beech trees.
  • Bushland - Sub-biome of plains. Contains many bushes.
  • Island - Lush biome generating near coastlines and as islands. Pirates spawn here.
  • Frozen Tundra - Biome only containing snow. A snow desert if you like to call it that way.
  • Old Growth Coniferous Taiga - Biome with growth of mega spruce trees and mega fir trees.
  • Young Forest - Opposite of dense forest.
  • Spruce Highland - Rolling hills of spruce trees. Blueberries grow here.
List of structures
  • Castle
  • Wandering camp
  • Prison Tower
  • Herobrine builds- Tunnels, tnt mounds, dead trees.
  • Villager houses
  • Ruins
  • Herobrines tower
  • Dungeons
  • Abandoned saloon
  • Wood Folk structures
  • Illager Towers
  • Highland castles
  • Red plains hamlets
  • Wizard towers
  • Many more...

New trees and wood

Pines are new type of wood added in this mod. Pine trees are generating in taigas and high mountains. Pine wood is very resistant to fire but by hand you can destroy it very quickly. You can craft planks, bark, stairs, slabs, fences and fence gates. blocks from it. More features will be added in future.
Pine bark, leaves, wood and planks.
Naturally generated pine tree.
Fir is new type of wood found in fir forest and Lakeland Mountains. You can craft planks, bark, stairs, slabs, fences and fence gates from it. It has higher resistance from explosions than pines but fire can destroy it much faster.
Fir stairs, bark, log, planks, fence and fence gate.
Fir tree.
Fruit wood.
Fruit wood is used in every fruit tree in mod. You can craft planks, bark, stairs, slabs, fences and fence gates from it. If you shear leaves of apple tree or pear tree you can get apples or pears.
Fruit stairs, bark, log, planks, fence and fence gate.
Beech is new tree similar to oak generating in beech forests. Can be used as any other wood. Their leaves can change colour over the time.
Cherries are new trees generating in cherry flower forests. Their wood can be used as any other type of wood. If you shear their leaves you can get cherry berries.
Cherry wood.

New items

This mod adds lots of new food items. There are wines, cakes, fruits, meats and some vanilla foods have changed recipes.
Example of how to make salted meat.
Bacon is made from three salted porkchops.
Crafting recipe for flour.
Pastry. It is default ingredient for lot of baked stuff.
Bread is made from three pastries.
Recipe for Sachertorte.
Now you can cut bread into three loafs.
This mod also adds new magic books and items to minecraft. Magic books are similar to enchanted books, however they are used not to enchant weapons, but to magically change the environment. There are around 15 new magic books in this mod. Some are used to summon bosses. Those cannot be crafted and must be found. There are also some special magic books that cannot be crafted and must be obtained by killing mobs or looting chests. Those which can be crafted are crafted on new workbench called "Writer's Desk". It can be found in ruins in either frozen tundra or volcano biomes. Recipes can be viewed in-game on writer's desk, so I will not show them all here. But there is one common item used in all recipes and that is Guide to Magic and Advanced Guide to Magic. These two items can be obtained by trading with wizard villager, wandering wizard or bartering with pillagers in exchange of rubies(yes you can now barter with pillagers if you are o their side). These guides are not lost after you use them in crafting recipe and after crafting of the book, they will return to your inventory. They have same texture s books so it is easy to confuse them with books. They are always used in middle of every recipe.
Because of magic books being very powerful, there is also a danger connected with them. That is the Specter. Specter is ghost-like creature teleporting around destroying, making terrible sounds Killing you, summoning monsters and such evil things.
How is the Specter summoned?
Specter can be rarely summoned by magic books that can change the time of day or by the "random"magic book that executes random magic.
How to know i've accidentaly summond the Specter?
Water will start freezing even if he is in hot biomes. He will change all cobblestone to mossy and all planks to jungle planks. He will destroy light sources and windows. Sometimes you may see a ghostly figure looking like hreobrine but don't worry it's just a Specter. You will also hear footsteps and ambeint sound randomly, invisible creature will open doors and even attack you!
How to prevent it?
Villager female priests and wizards have abilities to destroy specters. So to prevent such a disaster happening do this:
  1. If you like to change the time of a day by magic book, or want to use random magic book do it far away from your base, in company of villager female priests or wizards.
  2. After executing it, run away so Specter (if he will be summoned) won't be interested in you and will be easier for priests and wizard to destroy.

New weapons and tools

Steel is stronger variant of iron. Damage and armour protection is same as iron.
Steel ingot can be crafted by putting iron ingot into blast furnace.
Is weaker than iron but easier to make. Bronze ingot is made from two copper ingots and one tin ingot. Both ores can be mined by any pickaxe.
Recipe of bronze ingot.
Silver is material stronger than diamond but weaker than netherite.
Durability: 1800
Adamantit is strongest material in game, but with very hard recipe. Adamantit ore can be found in high mountains and End.
Example of crafting adamantit weapon.
Advanced Tools
Adavnced tools are special weapons that can be only crafted on ancient crafting table which can be found in wastelands.
Heavy Armor and sword of 42 dimensions.
Heavy armour is variant of steel armour with super high knockback resistance. I will not show the recipe you can view it on ancient crafting table.
Sword of 42 dimensions is strongest sword in game. It deals 90 damage and has 4042 durability.
Crafting of the sword.
Crafting of the swords blade.
Crafting of the swords jewelled handle.
Other pieces of the sword can not be crafted you must find them in structures like strongholds or end cities. It will be a challenge for you to craft this sword but it is only sword that can defeat herobrine.
Warhammers are strong weapons that can be crafted from any metal. They have rather specific combat. You must first right-click to recharge them and then you can attack with them. Cooldown and durability is depending on metal you made them from.
Example of crafting a warhammer.
Daggers are similar to sword, however they have much shorter blade. They can be obtained by killing ghouls (variant of zombie). If you right-click with them, you will gain speed effect.


Gems are precious rocks that can be sold to Gemtraders. Price depends on rarity. You can find Amber, Topaz, Ruby, Opal and Sapphire. You can make block from them and coloured lanterns. You can make coloured lanterns by putting lantern in middle of crafting table and surround it by 8 selected gems.
Recipe for coloured lanterns.
Gem blocks.

Villager improvements

New villager professions
This mod adds 11 new villager professions. You can find this villagers spawning in Castle counties or there is a chance they will be born. You can breed them by feeding them with bread. They can only breed with villager females. Most of them resupply trades on crafting table or chest but there are some exceptions:
Blacksmith - works on anvil
Cook - works on furnace
Enchanter - works on enchanting table
Rancher - Works on hay bale or on fence gate when there is animal behind it.
From left to right: Gemtrader, Cook, Blacksmith, Goldsmith, Enchanter, Wizard, Miner, Lumberjack, Money Exchanger, Baker, Rancher.
Female villagers
Female villager don't have trades. Their function is to breed them with new villager professions or to use them as a delivery system. How does that work? Right click on them and their inventory will be opened. Put things like food or emeralds into their inventories and they will share them with entire village. Why is that important? More of this items villagers have, more they are willing to breed. Villagers can also regenerate their health if they have some food in their inventory. You can also pick things up from female villagers inventory.
Changes to vanilla villagers
This mod also changes vanilla villagers. There is list of all changes:
  • If you give an adult weaponsmith villager a steel sword, they will transform to villager warrior.
  • Butchers now kill animals to get meat. They will cook it and share it with rest of the village.
  • Clerics throw healing potions at other villagers.
  • Some villagers are able to craft things form other things. For example if you give a female villager iron ingot she will deliver it to weaponsmith and he will craft it to iron sword and give it back to her.
  • There is chance of baby villager growing up and becoming female villager or new profession villager.
Some villagers.


Wizards are humanoid entities, who will trade various items in exchange of emeralds. Items they trade are mostly items you can find when killing mobs or completing difficult quests. They will give you nice amount of emeralds for them. They can be found in castle counties or in sick enchanted forests. They come in both evil and good variant. Good wizards attack you when you are illager and vice versa. They are very powerful and their teleportation skills are outstanding.
Some good wizards.

Hireable warriors

Hireable warriors are entities that can be hired in exchange of emeralds. There are 10 hireable entities. You can halt them by right-clicking them (similar to wolfs).
From left to right: Vildicator (weaker vindicator created when lightning strikes new profession villager), Pillager, Sollillager, Female villager priest (heals other villagers), Female and male villager warrior (you can breed them by giving them emeralds), Villager archer, Woodland knight, Red knight, Woodland warrior.
How do they look hired.
The first three can only be hired if you are allied with illagers.

Wandering trader changes.

Wandering traders are probably the most hated villager profession in minecraft. This mod aims to change it. It adds new variants to them and each variant sells and buys different things.
Oddment Trader - Good old wandering trader we all (except me) hate. Has two llamas.
Food Trader - Sells foodstuff. Has two mules.
Explorer - Sells maps to various structures. Has two tamed wolfs.
Wandering Smith - Sells the best weapons and armour in the known world. Has a donkey.
Wandering Philosopher - Sells enchanted books, normal books and stuff like that. He is wise. Has two llamas.
Traveling Trader - Buys various thing villagers may craft. Has one horse.
Wandering Warrior - If you right click him with emerald he will become villager warrior. After that you can hire him and take his horse.
Some of them wandering around.


Dangerous folks who attack you no matter on who side you are. They spawn in deserted savanna biome.
They are very different from each other, but one thing they have in common: Kill everybody you see!


Pirates are illagers spawning on the beaches and islands. They can spawn with sword or crossbow. They have 20 health points and deals 8 damage.

Herobrine's Wraight

Herobrine's Wraights are the strongest illagers spawning only in armies of Herobrine, most commonly in Herobrine's lands. It is hard to overlook thems because they are 4 blocks tall and their health bar will be displayed same as withers or ender dragons. They have 200 health points and they deal 24 damage to you. Also their voices are terrible. Best way to kill them is to push them by your shield off the cliff or into ravine. They don't have fall damage so i probably will not kill them but they will not be dangerous to you anymore (of course if you will not fall into ravine with them).


Ghosts are spooky mobs spawning in ghostly biomes. I will not tell you everything about them but you shall not forget to believe into people that do not exist.

Wood Folk

Wood folk are player-like magical people living in Glory Woods. They have female and male variants same as Villager Warriors. They have three professions- Mages: they sell yu magical and good items, Warriors: They protect the woods, you can hire them with emeralds but not breed them, Scouts: Good archers protecting woods and other people there.

Plains Folk

Similar to wood folk, plains-folk are also humanoid creatures. They spawn in Castle counties or Red towns and have male and female variant. They can be bred by bread. They also have Red knight variant what the strongest ranged unit that is hireable.

New Crops

This add-on adds two new crops: Corn and tomatoes. Both can be foun in farm in castle counties or their seed can be bought from food traders.

New Ores

This mod adds several new ores that can be found in overworld and end. Every ore must be smelted in furnace.
From upper left to down right: Deepslate adamantit ore, Ender adamantit ore, Amber ore, Deepslate tin ore, Lead ore, Opal ore, Salt ore, Ruby ore, Sapphire ore, Deepslate silver ore, Sulphure ore, Tin ore, Topaz ore, Overworld glowstone block.
Adamantit - In High mountains below y=12 or in The End below y=64.
Tin - In overworld between y=0 and y=72. Highest amounts can be found at y=44, The Mountain biome or from y=100 to y=128 in High mountains.
Lead - From y=112 and higher in High mountains.
Salt - In higher elevated areas.
Silver - From y=16 and below.
Sulphur - In extreme hills and Alps. Highest amount can be found around y=64.
Gems - That's on you to discover.


Lead is new mineral that generates high up in high mountains. It can only be mined by adamantit pickaxe. It is used to create lead block, what is block that can be destroyed only by lead pickaxe, that is also crafted from lead. Lead pickaxe must be crafted on advanced crafting table.

New stones

This mod adds five new stone that can be found in various biomes.
Upper left: snowy stone and its variants.
Upper right: sandystone and its variants.
Lower left: caverock and its variants.
Lower right: marble and its variants.
Lower middle: dryslate and its variants.
All new stone variants can be crafted on stonecutter. 

Becoming Illager

If you kill heavy villager warrior (spawning in castle counties), you will gain item called "Become bad". Use this item and it will appear on your head. Now every illager will stop attacking yo but villagers will. Doing this has advantages (you will be on stronger side), but also it has disadvantages (you will not be able to trade with villagers).

End Upgrade

The end dimension has been updated in this mod, to make it little more interesting, however to still keep the typical end boringness. These are few new features that have been added to the end:
  • New and grass so you can gain sticks in the end
  • New mobs inspired by mobs from MC Dungeons
  • Coal and Diamond ore can now generate in the end - it is now the best place to mine them
  • New miniboss
  • 2 New strutures
  • New "Ender Sandstone" so, it is possible to get sand in the End
Preview of the diamond and coal in End.

New animals

Bears are very similar to polar bears. You can find them in forest caves at night. When you get too close to their children, every parent in range of 80 blocks will attack you.
Ducks are passive mobs found in rivers. When killed they will drop feathers and duck meat. They hate cods, so they are eating them.
Deers are animals found in forests. You can breed them with wheat and carrots. when you kill them they will drop leather.


This mod adds several new bosses to minecraft. They can be summoned if you find item that when used summons them.
First of all bosses is Ugha-Khyzrdumh. He is gigantic billager with a shield and a mace. He attacks everyone.
Next is Herobrines wraight. He is only boss that spawns naturally. Attacks everyone, no matter who side they are on.
Third is Illusioner. He attacks you only if you are not illager. He spawns illusion that disappear after few seconds. He can be summoned by blowing his horn, found in his tower.
Then we have Herorbine. He is probably the hardest boss and attacks you always. He has 2500 health points. Can be killed only with sword of 42 dimensions.
Next is Il-Ar-Ner. He summons other illagers. Attacks you only if you are not illager.
Sixth boss is Jhens. He attack you only if you are illager.
Seventh is Baba Jaga. She throws a potion of wither at you, heals herself and summons witches. She attacks you no matter who you are.
After her you can meet the Wildfire. He spawns in nether fortresses. Drops "Crow of the King of the Nethter" item after killed, that when used appears on your head and gives you fire resistance. Is as good as netherite helmet.
Then there is the Giant. It is a giant zombie found in desert mountains. He isn't particularly wise.
Last but not least is the Eyes of the City. He only attacks when you look into his eyes, because he ins an Enderman. He looks like and enderman with blue eyes and blue stripes going down from his shoulders.
From all the bosses you can get very good loot.


Armies are events similar to pillager patrols that spawn in the world. You can find small villager and illager armies spawning all around the world. Bigger illager armies can be found in creeperlands. Big zombie and skeleton armies with herobrines wraights as their leaders. 

Other info

  • This mod is mainly about exploration so thats why i did not wrote on this page everything about it.
  • Creeperlands are oldest biome added into this mod.
  • Look out for written books in various structures. They may help you on your adventures.
  • Buckets can also be made out of tin.
  • Word "wraight" used in name "herobrines wraight" is connection of words "wright" and "wraith". Those two words describe their personality quite well.
  • By applieing additional texture pack as global resource you can change panorama in main ui screen.There is tutorial how to do that:
  • 1.Go into global resources.
  • 2.Apply better minecraft additional texture pack an click on cogwheel button.
  • 3.Select your favourite panorama.
  • 4.Enjoy nostalgia by looking at old panoramas!


Follow these steps to install mod correctly!!
  1. Download current version of the add-on
  2. Delete any old version of the add-on
  3. Import it into Minecraft
  4. Create new world and active additional texture pack
  5. After that active behaviour pack (resource pack will activate automatically)

Supported Minecraft versions

  • 1.17.30
  • 1.17.11
  • 1.17



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