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Llama’s Forges

Llama’s Forges
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Do you ever get bored making simple tools using a few ingots and a couple of sticks? Fear not, as Llama’s Forges adds ways of melting metals, making alloys, and casting and assembling the coolest tools and armor.

The Melting Basin:
The melting basin is the first machine you need. It is fueled by lava. Once fueled, you can interact with it using an ore to melt it, and then use a bucket to take the molten ore out. You can also melt cobblestone into lava.
The Casting Basin & Template Table:
The template table is used to make templates out of wood. The casting basin can make template into molds, by placing the template into the casting table and then placing the material you would like to make the mold out of. Clay makes cheaper molds, while brass, an alloy of copper and zinc, a new ore, makes reusable molds. To use a mold, place the mold in the casting basin, and then interact with a bucket of molten ore that you got from the melting basin. This will give you a tool head/armor base, which can be made into a tool/armor in the assembly table.

The Assembly Table:
The assembly table take the parts from the casting basin and makes them into tools and armor. First, sneak-interact on it until the type of tool/armor you would like to make is displayed on top. Then, open it up, and make the trade. Different materials have different benefits, which are described in-game.

When you place each machine, you will receive a book containing detailed step-by-step instructions for the machine:


Make sure you turn on Holiday Creator Features and Creation of Custom Biomes the experiment toggles.

Supported Minecraft versions

  • (beta)
  • 1.17



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