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Spooky Hoverbike [Halloween]

Spooky Hoverbike [Halloween]
Addons for Minecraft PE
Hello and happy Halloween! This addon I've made adds a new hoverbike to the game... The Spooky Hoverbike. This hoverbike features fire resistance, super leap and more! You caWhat is it?
This is a hoverbike that you can ride and drive on.
Why did you make it?
I made this addon for halloween, a hoverbike map that I am working on, and because I enjoy making hoverbikes.
How do I get it it?
You can find the bike in the spawn egg section in your inventory or type this command: /give @s hh:spookyhoverbike 1
Here is the Hoverbike in action /montage:
Be sure to check out my youtube channel: @C1RCU1T

Supported Minecraft versions

  • 1.17
  • 1.16



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