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BONY162 Furniture Addon v2

BONY162 Furniture Addon v2
Addons for Minecraft PE
This furniture addon adds 110+ different types of working furniture that you can use to decorate your world, including chairs, couches, tv, lamps, stove, toaster and a lot more blocks.

Interact able Blocks:
-Blocks with inventory slots: clicking on any of these blocks will allow you to access there inventory.
1.Kitchen Cabinet             3.Trash cans
2.Drawer                           4.Refrigerator
 - Chairs/Couch: You can click on any of the chairs or couches and you will be able to sit on them
- TV: You can interact with the TVs and change there channels, there are 6 different channels available 
- Toaster: You can interact with the toaster by holding a piece of bread in your hand, this will add toast to it, if you click on it again it will cook the toast.
- Plates: Small plates can be stacked by interacting with it using another plate, You can add a cooked chicken to the big plates, clicking on it again will eat the chicken.
-Lamps: Lamps can be turned on and off by clicking on them.
-Boom Box: Clicking on the boom box will start playing a song, to stop the music click on it again.
-For this addon you will need to install a behavior pack and a resource pack, make sure they are both installed or it will not function correctly.
-Make sure you turn on the experimental feature including, "Holiday creator features", "Additional Modding Capabilities", and "Upcoming Creator Features"
-To obtain any of this furniture in survival you have to find a wandering trader, they will trade all the furniture between 1-5 emeralds
-You can also obtain all the furniture in the creative inventory
-Bench                    -Plant 0                              -Tv 0
-Blender                  -Plant 1                              -Tv 1
-Boombox               -Plushie Bear                     -Tv 2
-Bottle                     -Plushie Panda                 -Xbox Series X
-Ceiling Fan            -Plushie Bunny                  
-Ceiling Lamp 0      -Plushie Cat                      -Tv Stand
-Ceiling Lamp 1      -Plushie Deer                    -Beach Chair 0
-Gaming Chair        -Plushie Dog                     -Beach Chair 1
-Chair 0                   -Plushie Elephant             -Diving Baord 0
-Chair 1                    -Plushie Fox                    -Small Table 0
-Clock 0                   -Plushie Mouse               -Chair 4
-Coffee Table            -Plushie Pig                    -Plate 0
-Couch 0                   -Plushie Raccoon          -Plate 1
-Couch 2                   -Plushie Squirrel             -Gaming Chair 0
-Dog House               -Shower 0                      -Picnic 0
-Gamer Desk             -Small Lamp 0               -Drawer 0
-Gamer Laptop          -Small Lamp 1             -Toaster 0
-Kitchen Cabinet 0     -Small Speaker 0          -Refrigerator 0
-Kitchen Chair 0        -Big Speaker                 -Tall Lamp 0
-Kitchen Counter 0    -Stool 0                        -Small Lamp 2               
-Sink 0                      -Stove 0                         -Stop sign
-Sink 1                       -Toilet 0                        -Books
-Mailbox                   -Towel Rack                   -Traffic Cones 1,2,3 
-Pc 0                         -Trash Bin                    -Shelf
-Picnic Basket           -Trashcan 0 
-Pool table     -Stove #2     -Couch #3      -Chair #5     -Computer #3      -Drawer #2      -Microphone
-Refrigerator #2     -Table     -Sink #3     -School Desk 1&2     -Globe     -Lockers     -Bookshelf     -Chalkboard
-Bucket     -Sand Castle     -Cooler     -Grill     -Umbrella      -Coconuts     -Floatys 1,2,3,4     -Beach Ball
-Hydrant     -Flag     -Traffic Light    -Gravestones 1,2,3,4,5     -Scarecrow      -Alarm Clock     -Microphone      
-Books: Interacting with a book with another book will allow you stack them up to 5 books high 
-Refrigerators can now be opened and have inventory
-Trashcans will now delete any item thrown at them or any item placed inside of its inventory


-Added 40 new pieces of furniture
-Added more blocks that can be interacted with
-Fixed some textures

Supported Minecraft versions

  • 1.17.30
  • 1.17



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