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MMO Aspects

MMO Aspects
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Welcome to the world of MMO!!! This addon is your first step to a successful MMO type of gameplay by adding massive bosses all the way to tamable Knights to fight for your Kingdom. 
In this mod you will find new items , foods an mobs of all kinds. You can use this mod to start a kingdom or just to simply have giant wars. This addon will also be useful to D an D fans as will cause it adds lots of aspects that apply to that such as magic , elf's an wood elf's but don't get caught looking dazed at there beauty or they might just kill you!!! There are plenty of new Friendly mobs in this addon that can support you or even allow you to carry more items on your journey slaying dragons or even killing Cerberus the 3 headed hell hound but you will also experience different types of demonic encounters so best of luck young King to be as your journey begins here!!

Contents: 1.Mobs
Aggressive mobs :  Ghost Knight , Titan Phoenix , Titan Phantom , Fairy , Ender Chicken , Cursed Knight , Demon , Creeper Spider , Ender Spider , Demon Sea Serpent , Titan Megalodon , Inferno Boss , HellHound , Inferno Flame Slime , Female Wood Elf , Undead Elf , King Crab , Neptune's Daughter , Siren , Titan Minotaur , Tree Golem , Sand Mummie ,  Elvish Familiar , Berserker Knight , Revengeful Pharaoh , Holy Berserker , Floating Demon Eye , Fantasy Rabbit , Zeus God , King Spider , Fantasy Hydra , Pixi , Cyclops , King Arther Knight.
Friendly Mobs : Knight , Pet Medieval Slim , Pet Fantasy Bird, Pet Rock crab Golem , Demonic Pet Cat ,  Pet Ghast , Elemental Horses may very
2.Furniture : Long Table , Chairs , Closets in the following wood types : Oak , Spruce , Plank , Cobblestone.
3.Items : Armor sets : Phoenix Armor , Demonic Armor , Elder Armor 
Weapons : Fairy Staff , Phoenix Sword , Demonic Sword , Tales Of the sea sword , Elder Scythe , Minitour Battle Axe , Berserker Great Sword , Zeus Bow Cyclops Club
4. Magic : Fairy Magic . Lightning Spell
5.Crafting recipes : Food
6.Crafting Recipes : Armors & Weapons
Crafting Items : Ores , Gems , Ingots
Crafting Recipe : Weapon & Armor Reapair Item
Pet Taming Items : Salmon , Fish , Ectoplasem an Fairy dust
Now you can use a custom GUi that has a level system , Skill Point system , EXP System , Level Rewards system , Mana System , Custom classes , Currency System , Anti griffing system, Set world music system that auto sets my other mods music for u as long as u have it installed , Shop System , Quest System
Just use the /Function command to use them .
New Biome : Fantasy Forest 

Supported Minecraft versions

  • (beta)
  • 1.17
  • 1.16.230 (beta)
  • 1.16.221



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