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Structure Generator Addon v2.5 (4 New Structures)

Structure Generator Addon v2.5 (4 New Structures)
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Hi guys i'm back for my new add-on.Too lazy to build a house,village,or other structures you want to imagine?Well,this add-on is for you.This add-on adds a lot of structures that you want to build instantly using structure blocks to load structures.

How does it work

To load a structure,you must use structure block./give @p structure_block.
Follow all these easy steps to load:
1.Select the load button
2.Type the structure id as shown below:
3.Click load button to build

What are these structures?

Here are some structures shown in the picture:
Structure I'd:House1(as shown below)
Structure id:House2(as shown below)
Structure id:House3(as shown below)
Structure id:House4(as shown below)
Structure id:House5(as shown below)
Structure id:House6(as shown below)
Structure id:House7(as shown below)
Structure id:House8(as shown below)
Structure id:Villagetower(as shown below)
Structure id:Pillagertower(as shown below)
Other structures that you can also try and spawn naturally but at low chance:
Structure Id:Smallcabin
Spawn in Cold Taiga
Structure Id:Treehouse
Spawn in Bamboo Jungle
Spawn in Desert Biome
Structure id:Talltower
Spawn in Taiga Hills
Structure id:Campsite
Spawn in Taiga Biome
Structure id:Destroyedtower
Spawn in Plains Biome
Structure id:Modernhouse1(as shown below)
Structure id:Modernhouse2(as shown below)
Structure id:Modernhouse3(as shown below)
Structure id:Modernhouse4(as shown below)
Structure id:Modernhouse5(as shown below)
Structure id:Modernhouse6(as shown below)
Structure id:Modernhouse7(as shown below)
Structure id:Castle
Spawn in Plains Biome
Structure id:Tent
Spawn in Taiga Biome
Structure id:Buddhastatue(It also have interior behind it)
Spawn in Jungle Biome

4 New Structures Added

In this update,there are 4 new structures added in Minecraft:
Structure id:Restoredportal(A restored version of ruinedportal and also has a better loot compared to normal)
Spawn anywhere in overworld
Structure id:Jungletemple
Structure id:Wanderingtraderhouse
Spawn in desert

New village house added

Structure id:Blacksmith

To view the full list of all structures,use /function list_building

Supported Minecraft versions

  • 1.17.30
  • 1.17.11
  • 1.17
  • 1.16.230 (beta)
  • 1.16.221
  • 1.16
  • 1.15 (beta)



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