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Japanese Food

Japanese Food
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Bored of the same old food? This plugin adds 10+ Japanese foods and more features to your world!
This addon adds more than 10 Japanese foods such as . . 

Are you bored of the same old food?
This addon adds more than 10 Japanese foods and more functions to your world!

This addon adds:

- 13 Japanese Meals
- 1 New crop
- 1 New entity
- 1 New crafting table
This addon adds more than 10 Japanese foods such as:

- Gunkan
- Onigiri
- Ramen
- Rice Dish
- Roe
- Sushi Futomaki
- Sushi Nigiri
- Sushi Salmon
- Sushi Sashimi
- Tea
- Temaki
- Temaki Gunkan
- Wagashi
All these meals will have to be prepared from the Japanese Stove, a stove that adds this complement in which recipes for all meals can be made, its preparation is as follows:


With only three iron blocks, three carbon blocks and three heavy pressure plates you can get this block
All the crafts can be shown inside the Japanese Stove as well as in the following image:

Some of the objects such as the Knife and the Dish cannot be crafted, since these objects, the Tea and the Rice Seeds can only be exchanged by the Cheff.

This Cheff will carry a tied panda with him, and he can also appear in your world in a random way.
Each chef will be able to exchange different things, but the only things that we will be able to find with him will be the TeaRice SeedsDish and the Knife.

In addition, they will exchange things that can be used in the crafting of food such as kelp, dried kelp and more.
Rice cultivation
Cultivation phase

(Can be grown naturally or with bone powder)

The rice crops can help the player to get the rice plant that later in the Japanese Stove can make the rice seeds which will be used for most of the aforementioned meals.
Special functionalities
The Roe can be obtained by the salmon, which will release Roe every certain time.
Pandas can now be tied with the straps

The Knife will do 6 damage, in addition it can only be achieved with the chef, it will also help to get gnaws in the Japanese Stove
This Knife will not be spent when being able to make Roe from the Japanese Stove in the following way
In addition, the Knife can be enchanted with sword enchantments
In the near future more food and marine animals will be added uwu


Supported Minecraft versions

  • 1.17.11
  • 1.17
  • 1.16.230 (beta)
  • 1.16.221



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