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2021 Lotus Exige Sport 420

2021 Lotus Exige Sport 420
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Lets say you want a car that can be a somewhat practical yet elegant daily ride during the weekdays, and a track car that can pull of impressive lap times during the weekends. For most people, they’d have 2 cars at the very least for these 2 respective purposes. But how about having a car that can be and do both? Introducing the 2021 Exige Sport 420, an aerodynamically beautiful mid-engine coupe that can do both of those. Equipped with a supercharged 3.5L V6 engine, it can produce a whopping (as mentioned in it’s name) 420hp (313kW). This, when placed into the extremely lightweight body of the Exige (making the total weight just around 1110kg), allows the car to achieve a top speed of 290km/h (180mp/h) and a 0-100km/h (0-60mp/h) record of 3.4 seconds. But wait, there’s more. With the car being lightweight and relatively small to other cars in it’s category, you can bet this thing’s fast, easy, and most importantly, fun to drive. Of course however, all that power and privileges come at a price, around an upwards of €100000 if you live in Europe, and I can say that atleast 80% of the people reading this don’t even have jobs yet so owning one is but yet a dream for most of us. But hey, atleast you get to brag that you own one in Minecraft with the introduction of this addon.

• Car History

"On 9 February 2021, Lotus unveiled three final editions line-up models of Exige on online platforms. Sitting above the Sport 390 is the Exige Sport 420 Final Edition. It's the fastest vehicle in the line-up in a straight line, extracting 420 bhp (426 PS; 313 kW), and 427 Nm (315 lb-ft) from its 3.5-litre supercharged V6 to complete the 0-100km/h sprint in a claimed 3.4 seconds, and rocketing to a top speed of 290km/h. Weighing 1110kg, stopping power [...]"

• Car details

Has high speed2 seatsadvanced animations (explained below) and advanced sounds (also explained below).

• Car colors

Has 2 variants, and a total of 5 colors and 2 liveries.
Essex Blue
Metallic Orange
Racing Green
Calypso Red
Evora Silver
Rally -  #42 Lotus Racing Rally Livery
Rally - The 420 Special

Extra Images

Engine bay
Rear profile

• How to open the doors & How to open the trunk

i) Doors
To OPEN the doorsright click the car and the doors will open. Right click again to get in.
To CLOSE the doorsright click WHILE shifting/crouching.
ii) Hood
To OPEN the trunkright click WHILE shifting/crouching WHEN the doors are closed and the trunk will open!
To CLOSE the trunkright click WHILE shifting/crouching.
In a nutshell, the concept is basically;
Right click/hold + Shift/crouchClose/open the trunk and close doors
Right click ONLYOpen doors and to get in car ... (once the car's doors are open)

I've made a video showing how it's done so if you don't understand words, you can check that video out. The car in the video used is my previous Datsun 240z addon which shouldn't be a problem as the concept (animations, door and hood/trunk mechanics and sound effects) are the same for this addon (Exige Sport 420).

• Regarding Mobile Revised

Starting with my ‘77 Pontiac Firebird addon, Mobile Revised versions will not have the ability to open the hood (for this addon, the trunk). Door Mechanism 2.0 will still be implemented for Mobile Revised versions meaning you can still open and close the doors. This is to help optimize gameplay for Mobile users.
TL;DR: Mobile Revised versions do not have the ability to open/close the hood, but you can still open/close the doors.

• Advanced sounds

In total there are 6 sound effects for the cars. The list are as follows:
Startup sound effect - When the player sits in the car
Driving sound effect - When the player drives the car
Custom car damage sound - When the car is damaged / takes a hit 
Door closing sound effect - When the player closes the door
Door opening sound effect - When the player opens the door
Hood closing sound effect - When the player closes the hood

This addon DOES NOT REQUIRE (any type of..) EXPERIMENTAL MODE.

• How to obtain

Method 1: Get their spawn eggs from the Creative Inventory. They are classified as spawn eggs. You can search "Exige" or “420”  without the " for a more convenient way of getting them.
Method 2: Use /summon commands:
/summon exige420:blue
/summon exige420:orange1
/summon exige420:green1
/summon exige420:red1
/summon exige420:silver1
/summon exige420:42rally1
/summon exige420:weed1


• Confused about the download links?

So basically,
Win10High speed version, suitable for race track maps. (Minecraft speed of 0.675)
Mobile Lowered speed version, suitable for small city maps. (Minecraft speed of 0.575
Mobile RevisedLowest speed versionDoes not have the ability to open the trunkRecommended for mobile users [lag reduction, easier to control](Minecraft speed of 0.42)


1) All the downloads below contain both the Behavior Pack (BP) and the Resource Pack (RP).

Supported Minecraft versions

  • 1.17.30
  • 1.17.11
  • 1.17
  • 1.16



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