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Custom Chat Commands [GameTest]

Custom Chat Commands [GameTest]
Addons for Minecraft PE
Custom chat commands addon adds a bunch of new custom commands that can be ran by the prefix "." there are troll commands like .trap and .hole aswell as useful commands such as .gm 1 and .i command_block

Custom chat command addon adds a bunch of new commands that can be ran in game via chat all of these commands can be accessed via .help.

.announce Hello server!

Sends an message through server

.gm 0

Changes the players gamemode

.cage @RomanMender3164(2)

Traps a player in a cage


Clears the minecraft chat

.summon cow 10

Summon a bunch of mobs

.run 10 /say

Run a command many times

To give a player's permission to use commands

To give a player permission to use .commands you need to give them the tag "admin" run the command /tag "Player" add admin and to remove the permission do /tag "Player" remove admin.

List of Commands

  • .announce <message> - Announces an message to the server
  • .banish <@player> - Teleports a player to a random location
  • .cage <@player> - Traps the player in a obsidian cage
  • .ci - Clears your inventory
  • .clearchat - Clears the chat
  • .credit - Displays the credits
  • .day - Sets the time to day
  • .feed - Fills your hunger bar
  • .gm <gamemode> - Sets your gamemode (same as /gamemode)
  • .heal - Sets your health to full
  • .help [page] - Displays the help message
  • .hole <@player> -  Puts the player in a hole
  • .i <item> [amount] - Gives the player a stack of items
  • .night - Sets the time to night
  • .ping - Pong!
  • .run <amount> <command> - Run a command many times
  • .setspawn - Sets the players spawn point
  • .smite <@player> - Summon a lightning bolt on a player
  • .summon <mob> <amount> - Summons a number of mobs
  • .swap <@player> <@player> - Swaps a players coords with a different player
  • .tpall - Teleports everyone to you
  • .tphere <@player> - Teleports someone to you


This pack requires GameTest Framework Enabled

This pack may not work on consoles, works fine on windows 10 and realms, minecraft is working on adding console support

Supported Minecraft versions

  • 1.17.30



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