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Vindicator Master Chef

Vindicator Master Chef
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This add-on adds a new chef to your game, his name is: Vindicator Master Chef, beware that his food may be good, but he doesn't like intruders. Come and have a new adventure in the dark forests.

This add-on adds 4 new mobs, future updates may add more.

Vindicator Master Chef

It has 5 types of attack ready to kill you
  • Melle Attack: 5 Damage
  • Casting Attack: Able to summon 3 Vindicator Cooker, 2 Illager Waiter, 1 Illager Bartender
  • Stomp Attack: Throws Player away, deals 6 damage.
  • Ground Attack: It is only available if the player is out of range, stones go to the player.
  • Rotate Attack: Deals 7 damage, makes an area attack, can be stopped if blocked.
  • Stunned: It stays in this state right after the "Rotate Attack" is blocked, duration 3 to 6 seconds
  • It can be found in the chef's mansion.
  • Drop your hat.

Vindicator Cooker

  • Melle Attack: Causes 9 damage

Illager Waiter

  • Melle Attack: Causes 12 damage
  • Out Range Attack: Throw cutlery if the player is out of range

Illager Bartender

  • Covers to throw damage drinks.
  • I had a problem when making him, unfortunately he doesn't have a potion animation, I couldn't find a way for the game to recognize when he throws a potion, I'm sorry.


Chef Hate

  • It is capable of leaving the Player without hunger
  • It is dropped from VIndicator Master Chef


Chef Mansion

  • It can be found in the Dark Forest.

Video Demostration

It is necessary to activate the...

Thanks for downloading, have a nice game.

Supported Minecraft versions

  • 1.17.30
  • 1.17.11
  • 1.17



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