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UHC España Addon

UHC España Addon
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UHC España is a unique pvp event created and organized by ElRichMC with the plugin with the name of the same event created by KernelcraftThis addon faithfully recreates this plugin and many of its mechanics for Minecraft Bedrock

What is a UHC?
'Ultra HardCore,' or simply UHC is a game mode in Minecraft, where one or more players participate, it can be solo or in teams, this game mode, unlike Hardcore mode, has more rules than usual, making it more challenging.
1- In UHC the players cannot regenerate life naturally, the only way to recover life is through the golden apples or potions of instantaneous healing.
2- At the end of the game there will be a Deathmatch where all players must reach the 0,0 coordinates, in this location the final battle will take place. (In some cases the player is transported to the deathmatch)
For the addon to work properly it is necessary to check the slot for experimental game mode and education edition
How to make teams
For example, if player 1 and player 2 want to be on the same team, they are given the following tags t1 and t1

This is done with the / tag command

These would be the commands
/ tag "player 1" add t1
/ tag "player 2" add t1

The tag t1 is an abbreviation of team 1, you can also the tags t2, t3, t4, t5 and t6 (6 Teams)
-Episode(Episodio): It is the unit of time in which the game is divided are 10 and each one has a duration of 20 minutes
-Team(Equipo):This shows the name of your team and right next to it in red the life points of it
-Accumulated time(Tiempo Acumulado):This shows the total time of the game
-Time Remaining(Tiempo restante):This shows the remaining time for the next episode
Each one has a duration of 20 minutes
And in each one different things happen from increasing an extra life bar to activating the pvp
By consuming this apple he heals 4 hearts instantly
By consuming this apple add 2 hearts to your maximum life, being able to consume a maximum of 10!
Consuming this item will add 4 absorption hearts for 2 minutes and regenerate 5 hearts
Spectator mode
When you are eliminated you will be in this mode in which you will not be able to interact with the game you will be invisible and you will be able to fly

Supported Minecraft versions

  • 1.17



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