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MineMoney Add-on - Adds Money!

MineMoney Add-on - Adds Money!
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The MineMoney add-on adds Minecraft-store inspired currency to your Survival or Roleplay worlds! With eight new money items, six new blocks, revamped villager trades, more chest loot, etc. you can trade with other players or horde your riches in a vault until your heart's content.


Five of the new items and blocks are based off of the Minecoins you can purchase in the Minecraft-store, so these items fit in really well!
There are a lot of ways to get your hands on these coins in Survival mode! You can protect a village and trade with them, explore the ancient structures and find their treasure, kill hostile mobs and be rewarded, barter with the greedy pig people, fish in the deep depths of the ocean, mine in the dark caverns of the many dimensions, and more!
When your pockets get too full of coins, you then can compress and decompress your coins into cash and blocks or back by crafting with them in a crafting table. Here are all the recipes:
If you want to get them in creative, simply check the construction tab, or give the items/blocks to yourself with commands (bb: prefix).


You can now craft and use the old PlayStation Tokens! These tokes can be crafted and then used at the Token Machine by clicking the block with a token in hand! Here are the crafting recipes:
Tokens can now also be condensed into cash just like the Minecoins!
This is crafted/done the same way you do it with the Minecash.

Wandering Banker

The Wandering Banker is like a Wandering Trader, except he lets you trade common resources for Minecoins!
Also, he spawns with donkeys instead of llamas.


To install the add-on, open the .mcaddon file into Minecraft

Supported Minecraft versions

  • 1.17



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