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LumGarden v1.3

LumGarden v1.3
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Lum Garden is an addon that adds floriculture related features to minecraft bedrock edition. Farming flowers in a simple way and having a beautiful garden has never been so easy :)

This addon is an extension of an addon still under development :) and therefore doesn't have all the features of its final version :)
ALL EXPERIMENTAL RESOURCES ARE REQUIRED(caves and clives is optional)!!!
for Minecraft Bedrock or higher

Blocks, items and recipes:
Seedling Extractor Crafts:
Its features:
Garden Stove: allows the multiplication of flowers through its seedlings (click on it with one)
Seedling Extractor: growing seedlings through the flowers
Flower pot: a decorative flower pot
Garden panel: a decorative panel similar to the fences in minecraft
Garden Vines: variant of the garden panel (works like a winery of flowers)
Garde Fence Gate: variant of the garden panel (works like a fence gate)

Supported Minecraft versions

  • 1.17 (beta)



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