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Raboy's Mobs Addon | New Legendary Phoenix and Shooting White Spikes!

Raboy's Mobs Addon | New Legendary Phoenix and Shooting White Spikes!
Addons for Minecraft PE
Do you want cool new mobs and items added to Minecraft? Say no more! This Addon adds skillfully designed mobs to the game that you can interact with and obtain exclusive items that adds more spice to the vanilla game!

Before using this addon, make sure you turn on experimental features, except for extra modding capabilities, and it requires the minimum Minecraft version 1.17.30 and above, otherwise, it will not work for you. All that aside, let's get to each mob and feature!
If you haven't watched the Movie "The Tomorrow War, then it's up to you to spoil yourself ;)
White Spikes
-white spikes will be the super predator in this addon, this mob was inspired from the movie "The Tomorrow War", and they are only found in snowy biomes and be very careful when fighting them because they are very aggressive.
-you can't outrun this mob because they are very fast and they have a lot of damage and health, except for the babies
-there are two variants of this mob, male and female
-attacks every other mobs except its own kind and fish
>Male White Spike<
-has 60 health
-has 8 attack damage
-faster than the female
-has the highest chance of spawning in the world
>Female White Spike<
-has 80 health
-has a unique black dot on its nose
-much bigger than the male
-has a range between 8 to 15 attack damage
-slightly slower than the male
-much lower chance of spawning
>Baby Male White Spike<
-smaller than the Female Baby White Spike
-has 20 health
-has 1 attack damage
-grows up in 800 game ticks
>Baby Female White Spike<
-slightly bigger than the Male Baby White Spike
-has 40 health
-slightly slower than the male baby white spike
-has range between 1 to 3 attack damage
-grows up in 800 game ticks
White Spike Carapace

-once an adult white spike is killed, it has a chance to drop its thick carapace that you can use to make the strongest armor in the game(Stronger than Netherite Armore)
-can be used to repair White Spike Armor
-White Spike Claw

this item can only be obtained by killing a female white spike, it is quite rare because female white spikes are rare, a female white spike will drop 1 to 2 white spike claw that you can use to make a White Spike Scythe, the strongest weapon ever!
-can be used to repair White Spike Scythe
White Spike Scythe

-can be crafted with iron ingots and 2 white spike claws
-has 10 damage (More damage than any weapon)
-can be repaired with white spike claws
-currently unbreakable(bug)
White spike helmet

-has a durability of 580
-has a unique spiky design
-has a unique dirty white color
-can be repaired with white spike carapace
White Spike Chestplate

-has a durability of 690
-has a unique spiky design
-has  unique dirty white color
-can be repaired with white spike carapace
White Spike Leggings

-has a durability of 656
-has a unique spiky design
-has  unique dirty white color
-can be repaired with white spike carapace
White Spike Boots

-has a durability of 556
-has a unique spiky design
-has  unique dirty white color
-can be repaired with white spike carapace
Here is a preview of a fully-enchanted White Spike Gear:
Colossal Squid
-the largest known species of squid because of deep sea gigantisism can be found in the deepest oceans of Minecraft! The neutral creatures eat guardians and drowned zombies
and can attack you when you attack them, be careful though because they can be very fast when they're provoked, don't let their gentle
movements fool you!
-adult Colossal Squids can be bred with salmon, cod, and rotten flesh and produce a single offspring. After giving birth, the colossal Squids
will be able to breed within 2 game days (about 20 minutes)
-when an adult colossal squid is killed, it drops one or both of its eyes and tons of meat that you can cook in any block that can cook meat (furnace, campfire, soul campfire and smoker).
I'd rather breed and farm them because its body parts have many uses especially its eyes, it could really help you travel the oceans ;)
>Adult Colossal Squid<
-has 60 health
-has 4 attack damage
-follows you when you are holding rotten flesh, salmon, or cod
-can be bred with salmon, cod, or rotting flesh
-kills drowned zombies and guardians for food
-drops 8 to 16 colossal squid meat when killed
-drops one or both of its eyes
-sometimes move around in circles(probably a bug)
>Baby Colossal Squid<
-has a pale-looking skin
-has 10 health
-has 1 attack damage
-kills fish and axolotl for food
-no drops
-slower than the adult colossal squid
-has a unique pale color
-grows in size over the course of 1 game day (10 minutes)
New Boss Mob! The Jade Dragon
-spawns rarely in extreme hills
-drops its heart when killed which has many uses
-explodes when killed, leaving behind its heart
-found living inside his house in taiga biomes
-grants him exceptional hit points when given a golden apple
-can be untamed by hitting him once, hitting him twice will cause him to attack you 
-can pickup enchanted golden apples or jade dragon heart when untamed and will give you tons of high grade loot in exchange
-can pickup enchanted golden apples only when tamed, giving you the same reward above
-can be bartered with enchanted golden apples or jade dragon heart and will give you the same reward above
-say hello to these colorful creatures that spawns in minecraft's oceans
-spawns in warm oceans, especially in coral reefs
-drops slime when killed to be used for crafting slime blocks
-comes in 4 variants
-has 18 health points
                Purple Jellyfish
                Green Jellyfish
                Blue Jellyfish
Box Jellyfish
-be careful not to attack this variant because it can sting you and the only way to remove the effect is to
kill a live specimen and pick up its remains, then used in a brewing stand to make an antidote
-has longer tentacles than regular Jellyfish
-more translucent than the other variants, so it may be hard to spot
New Boss Mob! The Phoenix!
-this mythical bird spawns very rarely in the overworld
-immune to fire damage
-currently flies at a low altitude
-turns to stone when it's raining and doesn't take any damage from entity attacks and can be leashed
-turns back to its original state when the weather is clear
-attacks hostile mobs
-hates pillagers
-protects villages
-can be tamed using a nether star or a golden apple and will give you some of its Godly powers in the process
-taming this mob has its drawbacks as it will give you bad omen every 3 game days
-has 2 randomized attack types: ranged, and melee attack
-currently has no drops
Wizard House 
-found in taiga biomes where the wizard lives
-has random loot in the chest
New Items!
New Food!
Colossal Squid meat
-can be cooked into cooked colossal squid meat for food
-has equal nourishment as beef
Colossal Squid Eye
-has be used to make "Potion Of The Depths"
New Potion!
Potion Of The Depths
-a collection of effects to help you travel the ocean depths
-includes absorption, night vision, and water breathing
-can be brewed using thick, mundane, or awkward potions and a colossal squid eye as the reagent
-can be upgraded with redstone as the reagent to make the effects longer lasting (bugged, i don't know why it doesn't work but i coded it correctly)
-can be upgraded with glowstone as the reagent to amplify the effects(same bug as the redstone upgrade)
Jade Dragon Heart
-legendary item that can only be obtained by killing a jade dragon 
-can be consumed and will give you a set of long-lasting effects, with a little bit of nausea
-can be bartered with a wizard to give you tons of high quality loot
-does not despawn
-cannot be destroyed by explosions (like the nether star)
-can be destroyed by fire (unchangeable)
New Easter Egg Items
-currently not working
-can only be obtained by bartering with a wizard
Box Jellyfish Specimen
-can be obtained by killing a box Jellyfish
-can be brewed to make an antidote for box Jellyfish sting
Box Jellyfish Antidote
-can be obtained by brewing box Jellyfish specimen with base potions
-used to remove box Jellyfish sting


Supported Minecraft versions

  • 1.17.30



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