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Armor Copper and Amethyst (+1.17)

Armor Copper and Amethyst (+1.17)
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Hi. "Armor Copper and Amethyst" is my new plugin. This plugin only works on version 1.17 pe. This plugin helps you to create the armor and tools you need with the Copper and Amethyst items.

copper and Amethyst are two new items released in version 1.17. But unfortunately they do not have much use!
In this plugin I tried to fix this problem.
You can now equip your armor and tools using these two items.
Tools and armor have the same structure as the game itself. I have shared them for you in the next pictures.
Amethyst Helmet
Amethyst Chestplate 
amethyst leggings
amethyst Boots
copper Helmet
Copper Chestplate
Copper leggings 
copper Boots 
Amethyst Sword
Amethyst Axe
Amethyst Pickaxe
Amethyst Shovel 
amethyst hoe
Copper Sword
Copper Axe
copper Pickaxe
Copper Shovel
Copper hoe
Also, the command to build these tools and armors is obvious, and by showing it, the required resources will be displayed.
Also this image is tools and armors in the game.

Supported Minecraft versions

  • 1.17.11
  • (beta)
  • 1.17



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