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Tinkers' Construct: Bedrock Edition

Tinkers' Construct: Bedrock Edition
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Tinkers' Construct is a Java Mod, first created by mDiyo, now recreated in Bedrock Edition! This add-on adds a variety of new tools and weapons to the game, with many different combinations of materials!

This add-on adds 11 new tools and contains over 64 different combinations! The materials which can be used are Wood, Stone, Flint and Iron, which are recreated to the best of my ability and maintained to be used in 1.17! Materials like Copper, Cobalt, Ardite and Manyullyn currently can only be made with one material. The tools currently in the game are Pickaxes, Shovels, Hatchets, Mattocks, Hammers, Excavators, Lumberaxes, Broadswords, Longswords, Cleavers and Shurikens.
But first to create these tools, you will need some workstations.


Crafting Station

This block works just like a crafting table.

Stencil Table

This block is required to make different patterns.
This can now be made using any variant of wood.

Part Builder

This block is required to make parts for tools.
This can also be made using any variant of wood.

Tool Station

This block is used to combine the parts to make the tools.

Tool Forge

This block is basically an upgraded Tool Station, which gives you the ability to make better tools, like the Cleaver or Hammer.

Materials & You

Materials & You is a guide book, that goes over nearly everything you need to know to get started with Tinkers' Construct!
It covers most of the things on this page, so you no longer need to use this page as a guide.



"The Pickaxe is a precise mining tool. It is effective on stone and ores."


"The Shovel is a precise digging tool. It is effective on dirt, sand, gravel and snow."


"The Hatchet is a basic chopping tool. It is effective on leaves. Breaking leaves on it does not consume durability."


"The Cutter Mattock is a versatile farming tool, effective on wood, dirt and plants."


"The Hammer is a broad mining tool. It harvests blocks in a wide range and is optimal for long mining trips."
(Requires Tool Forge)


"The Excavator is a broad digging tool. It harvests dirt and snow in a large range."
(Requires Tool Forge)


"The Lumberaxe is a broad chopping tool. It is able to gather wood in a large range."
(Requires Tool Forge)


"The Broadsword is a versatile weapon. It has average damage and is the Tinkers' equivalent of a vanilla sword."


"The Longsword is an offensive weapon. It is often used for charging into battle at full speed with its lunge mechanic."


"The Cleaver is a heavy offensive weapon. It can easily sweep through mobs with its powerful strikes."
(Requires Tool Forge)


"Shurikens are short ranged throwing weapons, throwing instantly."
(Requires Tool Forge)


Modifiers are the Tinkers' Equivalent to enchants and can improve how the tool performs.
(Note: Currently only works for tools made of one material)
Diamond increases the resilience and mining level.
Haste increases mining speed, using one redstone block.

The Smeltery

This feature is needed for making tools with metals and alloys. It is somewhat different to its Java equivalent as it doesn't need a fixed shape, but it can still be used that way.


This block is needed to make seared bricks and is crafted with gravel, sand and clay.

Seared Brick

This item is used to make Seared Bricks, or major components of the smeltery.

Seared Bricks

This is mainly a decorative block, and its appearance can be changed by placing it in the stonecutter.

Smeltery Controller

This block is the main component needed for a smeltery and requires one lava bucket to activate it, which will last for 9 smelts. It is able to smelt at least 2 of the same material at once. It is able to smelt Iron, Copper, Cobalt, Ardite and Manyullyn. The molten metals can be obtained with a bucket.
The back of the Smeltery Controller shows what is being smelted.

Casting Table

This is vital for making metal tool parts and is essentially an upgraded part builder.
(Note: You may need up to 8 buckets to make a tool part)

Casting Basin

This is a much faster way of getting metal blocks than the casting table. It uses 9 buckets of a molten metal to make a block. It also has other uses (i.e. Lavawood)

Seared Tank

This block can be used to store lava or any molten metal.

Smeltery Models

Because of the freedom to build it in any shape you want, it may be difficult to find a decent shape for your smeltery, so here are some ideas that I have thought of.

The Classic Smeltery

This is the usual smeltery that you would see in Java Edition and it still works in this version. The space in the middle can be another place to store lava, along with the tank.

The Compact Smeltery

This is a quick smeltery to make if you don't have many resources.

The Smeltery Wall

This is a large smeltery if you have a lot of resources and are willing to use a whole wall for your smeltery.

The Smeltery Beam

This is another small smeltery if you don't have many resources but it can look like a beam if you live in a house with a high ceiling.

New Materials

As mentioned previously, Cobalt, Ardite and Manyullyn are 3 new materials added and will eventually be used to make tools.


This is a rare ore which is found in the nether, and is found between Y levels 0 and 64.


This is also a rare ore which is found in the nether, and is found between Y levels 32 and 128.


This is made by combining Cobalt and Ardite together, either in the Smeltery Controller or in a Seared Tank.

Extra features

Drying Rack

This block is used to dry food and turn it into jerky or leather. It will take around 5 minutes for raw food to dry and around half the time for cooked food to dry. All the foods that can be dried are Rotten Flesh, Beef, Porkchops, Chicken, Mutton, Rabbit, Cod, Salmon and Tropical Fish.

Stone Torches

This is a small feature which allows you to make torches just using stone for sticks.


This throwable item allows you to light up floors, without the use of a torch.


This throwable item allows you to make large explosions, which can be used for mining.

Terms of Use

  • Please don't redistribute this add-on or take credit for it as your own.
  • You can use my code to learn for your own add-ons.
  • This add-on is free to be used in any modpacks/add-on packs but please give credit.

Experimental Features

To get access to all the features, make sure to tick these boxes.


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.zip files are also an alternative for iOS Users.

Supported Minecraft versions

  • 1.17



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