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Disciples of The Void: Volume II

Disciples of The Void: Volume II
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This is a continuation of my first addon:Disciples of The Void.With five new bosses, five new weapons with unique ability’s. This addon adds a few new challenges to the game and gives you an edge to the end along the way!


Welcome to volume II of my addon “Disciples of the Void”. it contains the same concept as number one but has new twists, bosses, items, weapons, and even a secret boss. But stay tuned on that. And for now, let’s get started.


Starting off:

In order to spawn each boss and start your journey, you’re going to have to craft an item called “Void Extract II”. it can be made by brewing a water bottle with an end crystal.

When you have the extract ready, you can now decide which boss you want to fight. There are four bosses to fight and there are multiple rewards if you kill all of them. We’ll get to that later but for now let’s talk about the mobs themselves.
Each boss is sealed away in a manifest which can be placed on the ground and spawned. Each one can be crafted like so.


Prismatica, The Purifier

“when not fought against, is your greatest ally”
  • Is exactly like a vex
  • Is spawned by the manifest of light.
  • Drops “Prismatic Fragment” & “Light”
A mutated vex overtaken by the coin of light and evil. Travels the overworld crying and laughing to herself seeking players to attack.

Roxantria, The Withered Stray

“A dice of emotions mixed with chains”
  • Is exactly a stray
  • Shoots buffed fireballs at you.
  • Is spawned by the Manifest of Chaos
  • Drops a “Roxantric Fragment” & “Chaos”
Once a stray named Roxxane, she was a companion of a redstone engineer. Who left her alone for three years in a lab. Upon return he was completely different. With him was a tall, skeletal looking defense robot. Trained to kill monsters it did what it did best. Fortunately, her soul was chosen to be reincarnated by an unknown entity. she is known as one of the strongest disciples.

The Erian Demon

“A fury charged with fury and misunderstanding”
  • Is like a wither skeleton
  • Primarily uses melee attacks.
  • Is spawned by the “Manifest of Rage”
  • Drops a “Erian Fragment” & “Rage”
  • Has a chance to ENRAGE on every hit. You will know when he enrages from an animation and noise.
once known as “Deathblade”, a Disciple known for absorbing and looking into the souls of his victims. One day absorbed the soul of a corrupted vindicator. He saw the meaning of true power, chaos, and manipulation. He became the embodiment of pure rage.
Frequex, The Equalizer
“A soothing song lost in time”
  • Is literally a zombie
  • Is spawned by the “Manifest of Hymn”
  • Drops a “Dubtrox Fragment” & “Hymn”
In his former life, he was a beloved DJ who sold his soul away to be successful in hos Unfortunately, when he passed it was time for his soul to be put to use.

Disciple Slayer Armor

When you a boss, they each drop a fragment. When you get all four fragments you can craft a “Manifestation of Power”. When it is used it will immediately give you the Disciple Slayer Armor.

Secret Manifest

When all fragments are collected, you also have a choice to create a secret item. It works like all the other manifests and you can fight an extra boss. I don’t want to say too much about it but I will tell you what he does.
“a creator and puppeteer to the end”
???: Phase I
  • Will run around and attack the player, periodically summoning a combination of vexes, buffed vexes, and fangs.
???: Phase II
  • Will full on attack you and all mobs in the area at full force. Is faster than you and will inflict wither. Drops the most powerful sword in the addon.



  • +9 Attack Damage
  • Dropped by Dubtrox
  • When an enemy is struck, plays a random note and gives you a buff. It can be Strength, Resistance, Speed, or Regeneration.


  • Dropped by Erian
  • 12 Second Cooldown
  • +12 Attack Damage
  • When used, all enemies around you will be inflicted with the wither effect for a couple seconds.


  • +10 Attack Damage
  • 1 Second Cooldown
  • Dropped by Roxantria
  • When used, shoots Roxantria’s buffed fireball.


  • Dropped by Priamatica
  • 10 Second Cooldown
  • +11 Attack Damage
  • When used, Gives you speed and strength for a VERY short time.


  • Dropped by ???
  • No Cooldown
  • +16 Attack Damage
  • Instantly kills any disciple hit with this blade.

Supported Minecraft versions

  • (beta)
  • 1.17
  • 1.16.230 (beta)
  • 1.16.221



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