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ActualGuns 3D v1.3.2 - Bug Hotfix

ActualGuns 3D v1.3.2 - Bug Hotfix
Addons for Minecraft PE
ActualGuns 3D is an add-on that brings high quality, 3D, fully animated guns into Minecraft: Bedrock Edition. It features 9 guns that are all balanced in their own ways and tries to bring realism into place.

Note: the addon is best recommended for Windows 10 or High-end mobile devices, It may not work properly on some low-end devices.

Note: This addon requires experimental gameplay features, so make sure to turn on "Additional Modding" and "Holiday Creator features" in your world settings before playing the Add-on.
This add-on is a spinoff version of the add-on called "Actual Guns CSO". From this, the add-on has gotten it's unique prefix has "ActualGuns" instead of "Actual Guns". This add-on features 9 different firearms with their own animations for first person, third person, aiming, sprinting, shooting, reloading, you name it! It can be used in both multiplayer and singleplayer.
You can trade with the cleric villager to obtain the weapons!
We are looking forward to adding more in upcoming updates! Also, here are some of the guns you can find in the add-on:

AWP (Arctic Warfare Police) - Sniper

Barrett M82A1 - Sniper

Benelli M3 - Shotgun

FN P90 - SMG

Taurus PT92 - Pistol

Chain Grenade - Throwable

MK18 - AR


M249 - LMG


 Addon doesn't work on the latest beta, please make sure you are playing on the latest stable version of Minecraft.

Supported Minecraft versions

  • 1.17.11
  • 1.17
  • 1.16.221
  • 1.16.200



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