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Damian's Bedrock++ Add-on

Damian's Bedrock++ Add-on
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With the new beta, comes new possabilities. Have you ever wanted to have a Emerald Sword in your game? Well this is the add-on for you! It contains lots of cool features! This add-on is just ideal for survival mode.

This add-on aims to add just random things that I think are pretty cool. This add-on is just ideal for survival mode.
Emerald Sword:
Damage: 6
Durability: 500


It is fully enchantable, you can use enchanting table or anvil!
Here are some photos:




As you can see Sharpness enchant fully works!

It is fully repairable as well as you can see!

Also to prove this is custom sword here are some photos:


Emerald Pickaxe:
Damage: 4
Durability: 512

Emerald Axe:
Damage: 5
Durability: 512

Emerald Shovel:
Damage: 3
Durability: 512

Emerald Hoe:
Damage: 2
Durability: 512

Lapis Sword:
Damage: 4
Durability: 512

Lapis Pickaxe:
Damage: 2
Durability: 512

Lapis Axe:
Damage: 3
Durability: 512
Lapis Shovel:
Damage: 1
Durability: 512

Lapis Hoe:
Damage: 1
Durability: 512

Lapis Paxel(Multitool):
Damage: 10
Durability: 1000
All Lapis items will get the best enchantments in enchanting table!
Wooden Paxel(Multitool):
Damage: 12
Durability: 500

Stone Paxel(Multitool):
Damage: 13
Durability: 700

Golden Paxel(Multitool):
Damage: 12
Durability: 500

Iron Paxel(Multitool):
Damage: 14
Durability: 1000

Emerald Paxel(Multitool):
Damage: 14
Durability: 2000
Diamond Paxel(Multitool):
Damage: 15
Durability: 3200
Netherite Paxel(Multitool):
Damage: 16
Durability: 2500
Ultimate Paxel(Multitool):
Damage: 40
Durability: 6500
There are 3 Big Swords for now, but there may be more in the future!
Diamond Big Sword:
Damage: 14
Durability: 1024
Emerald Big Sword:
Damage: 12
Durability: 800

Iron Big Sword:
Damage: 12
Durability: 800
Lapis Big Sword:
Damage: 8
Durability: 500
Golden Big Sword:
Damage: 8
Durability: 500
Stone Big Sword:
Damage: 11
Durability: 700  

You can now make stone tools from all stones in the game! This means you can now make stone tools from stone, cobblestone, diorite, andesite, granite and blackstone!




















All new tools are enchantable and repairable!
There are 2 new ores added in this add-on and these are: Titanium Ore and Uranium Ore.
They are used to make ultimate armor and ultimate tools.
New ores generate naturally in your overwold.
Coordinates you will find them at are from 10 to 24.

Titanium and Uranium ores will now drop Raw Titanium and Raw Uranium instead of blocks.

 You can also now smelt Raw Titanium and Uranium to get Titanium and Uranium ingots:

Added new crafting table:
It is used to craft all ultimate weapons and ultimate armor.
Ultimate Crafting Table recipe:
It is crafted with 3 titanium ingots, 2 iron ingots, 1 crafting table and 3 uranium ingot.


Ultimate Helmet:
Armor Points: 5
Knockback Resistance: 4

Ultimate Chestplate:
Armor Points: 9
Knockback Resistance: 4
Ultimate Leggings:
Armor Points: 7
Knockback Resistance: 4

Ultimate Boots:
Armor Points: 5
Knockback Resistance: 4
Iron stick is used to craft all the ultimate tools. It is crafted with 2 iron ingots.

Ultimate Sword:
Damage: 30
Durability: 5000

Ultimate Pickaxe:
Damage: 28
Durability: 5000
Ultimate Axe:
Damage: 29
Durability: 5000
Ultimate Shovel:
Damage: 27
Durability: 5000

Ultimate Hoe:
Damage: 26
Durability: 5000
Added second new crafting table:
Magical Crafting Table
It is used to craft only Cloud Boots for now. It doesn't have a recipe at the moment.


Golden Feather:
It's an item that is used to craft Cloud Boots.

Cloud Boots:
Protection: 4
Knockback Resistance: 4
These are inspired by Chocolate Quest(Better Dungeons) mod for Java Edition. If it's possible I will try to make them work just like in Chocolate Quest(Better Dungeons) mod, but for now they are just normal boots.
There are also 2 new food types!
Hoglin no longer drops porkchops. It has it's own meat type now thanks to this add-on.
Hoglin now drops: 2-5 Raw Hoglin Meat or 2-5 Cooked Hoglin Meat if he is burning.
Looting works with this. With looting you can get up to 8 meats from 1 Hoglin.
Raw Hoglin Meat: 
Hunger points: 4
Saturation: Low
Cooked Hoglin Meat: 
Hunger points: 10
Saturation: High

I have added a few new blocks which will spawn in new biome in the nether(for now only in the overworld), but because I have not figured out how to add new biomes they are only available via comands for now.
Greenery Stem:
Stripped Greenery Stem:
Only wooden axe can be used to craft it for now. 

Greenery Hyphae:
Stripped Greenery Hyphae:
Only wooden axe can be used to craft it for now. 

Greenery Planks:

Greenery Wart Block:
Greenery Nylium:
Greenery Planks are obtained just like other planks and they can be used just like any other planks.


All the items are in the creative inventory except for new blocks and ores, because there is a bug in new betas.

In order to use this add-on u need to only turn on these switches:

You must turn on all the experimental gameplay features and be in at least version 1.16.100.

Supported Minecraft versions

  • 1.17 (beta)
  • 1.17.11
  • (beta)
  • 1.16.100
  • 1.16.210 (beta)
  • 1.16



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