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Wonderful Mobs!

Wonderful Mobs!
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So wonderful mobs is an addon where there are 4 different factions! each and every faction has their advantages and disadvantages, the first faction are the illagers the second are the villagers and the third faction is the piglins and lastly the ender faction. im planning to add more to this! this is far from finished. this is heavily inspired by magnificents mobs+

new illager skins!
the witch is now a part of the illagers!
new illagers!
-melee pillager
New behaviors for the illagers:
the evoker now has a totem and deals damage when you get near him i advice you to use a bow in combat
the pillager has increased health and speed!
vindicators health increased and now has knockback resistance!
the witch now throws 3 potions at a time! now they can actually kill something.
pillagers/vindicators can now break doors in normal mode
witches/wizards/evokers can now open doors!
the wizard shoots fire balls and can summon troops and have a life span for 10 seconds.
New village defenders!!
-village mage
-village knight
-village guard
-villager archer
planning to add more....
Village defender behaviors:
village knights are the brutes of the villagers they alot of health and have knockback resistance!
village guards are village defenders they have some knockback resistance!
village archers are ranged villagers that will shoot arrows they are very agile!
and finally the village mage, it summons golems and the golem has a life span for 5 seconds meaning it wont leave for long... they also have a totem :p
wandering traders now carry weapons and will attack if provoked.
new piglins!
these are piglins who were sent to attack the villagers illagers and endermen! they thrived in the overworld rhey exclusively spawn in the overworld!
-piglin scout 
-piglin warrior
-piglin traveler
Piglin behaviors!
Piglin scouts shoot arrows!
Piglin warriors are piglin brutes who traveled to the overworld
Piglin travelers are piglins who traveled to the overworld!
piglins in the overworld will not tolerate anyone who gives or wears gold because gold does not matter to them anymore.
tamed hoglins will occasionally spawn in the nether! you cannot ride nor tame them :(
new ender mobs!
ender warriors soawn in the overworld and in the end
end defenders only spawn in the end hence the name "end defenders"
and i think i covered every mob in here thank you for dowbloading and enjoy!
be advised some of the skins used in this addon are from planet minecraft.


you'll have to wait for 15-35 seconds in order to install the addon!

Supported Minecraft versions

  • 1.17 (beta)
  • 1.17.11
  • 1.17



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