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Snowy's Zebra Crossing

Snowy's Zebra Crossing
Addons for Minecraft PE
Welcome to Snowy’s Minecraft World and my Zebra Crossing for Minecraft Bedrock!
This mod brings something not normally seen in Minecraft, a round flashing light. This is a Belisha Beacon and going against the Minecraft straight edges convention, they are designed more realistically. They will work too, flashing when placed. 

As mentioned, these are actually Belisha Beacons but referred to as Zebra Crossings
The Zebra Crossing part of the road shown here, is designed by CarbonGrape.
If you're building a Village, Town or City and have Roads, then this is for you.
You will find two variants in the inventory
·         Zebra Crossing for Slabs
·         Zebra Crossing
If you use Slabs as a path, then you can build on Slabs or use the Zebra Crossing option to build at ground level.
The Zebra Crossings flash and glow at night


You DO NOT need experimental gameplay switched on - these will work out of the box!
How to Install
Windows 10
Bedrock Server

Supported Minecraft versions

  • 1.17.11
  • 1.17



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