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Snowy's Victorian Lamps

Snowy's Victorian Lamps
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Welcome to Snowy’s Minecraft World. This is my Victorian Lamps for Minecraft Bedrock! If you're building a more realistic village, town or city, then these will look great in an old part of town! 

It was so frustrating building a good-looking village but not being able to light it up at night without big lanterns and sensors all around. 
After creating some modern style Lamp Posts I needed something older looking, so I created Victorian Lamps.
There are 4 Victorian Lamps in the inventory
·         Victorian Lamp (Manual Switch)
·         Victorian Lamp (Automatic Switch)
·         Victorian Lamp for Slabs (Manual Switch)
·         Victorian Lamp Post Slabs (Automatic Switch)
Automatic Switch
The Victorian Lamps with automatic switches are just that, you place them and they will take care of the rest. They will come on as when they sense night-time and turn off at daylight.
Manual Switch
The Victorian Lamps with a manual switch need you to interact with them. Grab a Torch from the items inventory and using the LT button, you can turn them on and off.
They do not have a daylight sensor built in so they will remain in whatever state you leave them in. They spawn switched on.
Lamp Post (Automatic Switch) at daytime
Lamp Post (Automatic Switch) at night
The Lamp Post light will also come on and glow during the night
They are set to the highest emittance meaning you can light up your world


You DO NOT need experimental gameplay switched on - these will work out of the box!
How to Install
Windows 10
Bedrock Server

Supported Minecraft versions

  • 1.17.11
  • 1.17



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