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Animal Farming Expansion (Vanilla-Friendly)

Animal Farming Expansion (Vanilla-Friendly)
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If you want to spice up your Minecraft animal farming experience but want to keep the vanilla-like feel of the game, this is the Addon for you! You will be able collect new animal products from your farm animals and use the products to create new foods!


There are several well made farming addons, but most of them focus on new crops and plants. This addon focuses on animals instead. Animal farming (or maybe ranching) is focused on collecting items that your animals produce, and using those items to craft new foods. There are no new mobs or entities, everything is an extension of vanilla animals. Some vanilla items that were not as useful before are more important in this addon, for example all cooking/aging is done in SMOKERS only, not in furnaces. Inspired by games like Stardew Valley and Farm Together, you will have more reasons to interact with your animals now!(and more reasons to maybe not kill them for their delicious meat)

What's new?

There are new features involving Pigs, Salmon, Cows, and Chickens. Let's go one by one.


In real life Truffles are fungi buried underground, they are hard to find but Pigs have a very strong sense of smell and are attracted to them. Your pigs will now be able to "dig out" truffles from the ground. Pigs dig out truffles at the same rate that chicken lay eggs, which is one truffle every 5-10 minutes. You will see truffles around your pigs and you can just walk up to them to pick them up, so harvest them very similar to chicken eggs. (Don't forget to thank your pigs)
Truffles are a good source food.
Hunger points: 12
Hunger Saturation: Good
You can also make Truffle Oil! First put Truffles into a Glass Bottle in the crafting table.
Once you have your Truffle in a Bottle you can safely cook it in a Smoker (not furnace)
Truffle in a Bottle and Truffle Oil cannot be eaten directly, but they're an important ingredient for a very powerful food, keep reading to find out!


You can milk cows as usual, however you can now milk a cow only once per minute. This is because they need to rest to replenish their tasty milk that can be turned into Cheese! To age your milk, put a bucket of milk in a Smoker (not furnace) 
Once your Milk turns into Cheese, you can scoop it out of the bucket in the Crafting Table. However, you need to do 9 Cheese Buckets at a time (sorry!)
The good side is that you get a Cheese from each bucket, and you get all 9 buckets back so you can repeat!
Cheese is a special type of food.
Hunger points: 6
Hunger Saturation: Normal
Special Ability: Cheese seems just OK, but remember that a milk bucket can clear all effects from a player. That power is still in the Cheese, and you can stack up to 16 Cheese! So this can be useful if you want to fight an enemy that gives you bad effects.


Chickens behave the same way, and they still lay one egg every 5-10 minutes. However, eggs are one of the least useful items in the game. So now you can cook them in a Smoker!
Cooked Eggs are an easy source of extra food.
Hunger points: 8
Saturation points: Good


Finally, we have an aquatic animal to work with. (Tip: I suggest making your ponds not very big since fish like to swim fast) In real life, fish can produce Roe (fish eggs) that are an expensive type of food. To collect Roe from a salmon you need to first "tame" it. Everyone knows dried kelp is not a very good source of food for Players, but Salmons love it! To tame your salmons feed them Dried Kelp. It might take a few tries but you will eventually see those hearts, it means they're happy!
After a salmon has been tamed, they will start to produce Roe forever. You can harvest Roe by interacting with the salmon and using Shears. (Don't worry this doesn't hurt them) You can only harvest Roe once per minute. (give them time to make more) After a salmon is tamed you will also be able to "tempt" them, this just means that if you hold up dried kelp near them they will swim to you, this can be useful to collect their roe easier.
Roe can be eaten as a food. 
Hunger points: 4
Hunger saturation: Low
Roe is not a great food to eat raw, but it can be made into Caviar if you put it in a Smoker!
Caviar is a food with special abilities. (and very expensive in real life)
Hunger points: 8
Saturation points: Good
Special ability: Players who eat Caviar will get Level 1 Water Breathing for 10 seconds! Water Breathing not only allows you to breath underwater, it also refills your bubbles. So in reality each caviar allows you to be underwater 20 more seconds. Can be very usual if you get a full stack.

Farmers' Fancy Breakfast:

You have now learned how to make Truffle Oil, Cheese, Cooked Eggs, and Caviar. They're all useful in their own ways, but if you manage to collect all of the ingredients you can make a nice well rounded breakfast with the recipe below.
Farmers Fancy Breakfast is a very powerful food
Hunger points: 12
Hunger saturation: Max
Special abilities: Eating a Farmers Fancy Breakfast will give the player Level 1 Health Boost for 5 minutes. That is 4 EXTRA hearts. Players will also get Level 1 Haste for 3 Minutes. These are two status effects you cannot get from potions, so making this meal is very helpful! (You get your empty glass bottle back after crafting, and you get your bowl back after eating, don't worry)

Villager Trading:

In addition to new foods, you can also sell your animal products to villagers for emeralds, similar to crops. Some trades always show up, others show up only sometimes(randomized).
Fishermen buy Roe and Caviar at mid-high levels.
Farmers buy Truffles at mid levels.
Butchers buy Truffle Oil, Cooked Eggs, and Farmers Fancy Breakfast at mid-high levels.

Turn on "Holiday Creator Features"  in the world settings for the addon to work. 



  • Download the first BP and RP, wait 5 seconds only, then click "free access". You only need these two to play!

Supported Minecraft versions

  • 1.17.11



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