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Super Zombie Mod

Super Zombie Mod
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This add-on has a special zombies they can summon zombies, poison effect to their target, shooting fireballs, teleport, etc. This zombie can spawn naturally and other cannot spawn naturally but you can spawn through the spawn egg and you need to prepare.

This zombies is special so make sure you need to prepare
This is a zombies below:
Elite Zombie
Effect: Poison
Wear: Netherite armor
Command: /summon zm:elite_zombie
This Zombie is so strong because of wearing the netherite armor and it has a poison effect to their target and they can spawn naturally in overworld and the nether.
King Of The Zombie
Summon: Zombies
Command: /summon zm:zombie_king
This Zombie can summon 2 Elite Zombies and does have a strongest damage
God of the Zombie
Shoot: Large Fireball
Special: They can teleport
Summon: Elite Zombies
Command: /summon zombie_god
This Zombie can teleport and they can shoot fireball to their target and they can summon elite zombies.
Giant Zombie
Special:The Tallest group of all zombies and they can burn in daylight
This zombie is so big and also known as the tallest group of zombies 
This zombies is so dangerous so make sure you need to prepare and also in the nether because they have a elite zombies behind you...
Robotic Zombie
This zombie can shoot 2 fireballs and theres a highest health


Tap the link then tap download it then import it

Supported Minecraft versions

  • 1.17
  • 1.16.100
  • 1.16.201
  • 1.16



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