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Drawing Team Addon

Drawing Team Addon
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Have you ever wanted to see a weird mobs or have mobs to help you fight with you well now you can this addon adds 12 mobs and 1 biome  one of them is a boss this biome is so tuff to srivevie in at you well die by tomorrow some mobs have special power at help them 
Also there is some memes here in this addon

Zombacon is a zombie mix with bacon hair from Roblox it's hostile so I will attach you he takes 3 damage there's a chances were he will go fast
Sans also hostile he uses a bow at take a lot of damage takes 4 damage there's is one % change he will summon a gaster blaster i don't have a photo because my game crush
King creep is a boss at is hard to kill takes 6 damage he explosion are big
Also this is creep this blows up like creeper but 10 times worse takes 3 damage
Stevey is a person who is  sus he is friendly you can trade with him
Husknoob is zombacon friend he is hostile takes 3 damage doesn't have special things 
Toxic cow is you know toxic he gives posin takes 3 damage
Weight iron golem this just a meme does the same thing as the iron golem
Piggy takes 4 damage piggy is well piggy from a Roblox game
Just a chicken is hostile takes 4 damage is easy to kill 
Am going to show the rest of the mobs because am lazy but you can find out your self i will make a video 


1.Click the link download the file 
2. And it should take you to Minecraft and start downloading if it doesn't work out them in resource file and beavior file.

Supported Minecraft versions

  • 1.7
  • 1.17.11
  • 1.16.221


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