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Desert Mobs Add-on (Dmobs)

Desert Mobs Add-on (Dmobs)
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Do you feel like something is lacking in the desert biome? Do you want more challenging and interesting mobs? Well, this add-on is for you then and I hope you enjoy!

This add-on adds 3 new mobs these mobs can only spawn in the desert biome.
These mobs are...
Cactis: This mob hides in the desert perfectly camouflage in the sand. It will reveal itself and attack you once you get too close.
Cactis (Hiding):

Lurker: The lurker a snake type mob that hunts in the desert. Once it sees you it will dive into the sand and charge and jumps on you.
The last and final mob is the
Scorpion: The scorpion is a dangerous mob in the desert with its big claws and a stinger. Once you get close it will attack you by stinging you, it also has a range attack that fires from its stinger that can poison you.

Dessert Structures:

Stony Arc:
An arc made of stone, this structure can be found in the dessert. You can find scorpion eggs under this structures but be careful a scorpion can spawn here.
Sandy Small Hill:
This structure blends well in its surroundings and can be hard to see. Inside of this structure are Lurker eggs and Lurker can spawn inside of these structures.
When breaking the eggs they have a chance to spawn a scorpion or a Lurker depending on the egg, you can also get a toxic goo item when breaking the eggs.


Before playing in your world with this add-on installed make sure:
  • Experiment mode is turned on in your world.

Supported Minecraft versions

  • 1.17
  • 1.16.221



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