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Eating Ore

Eating Ore
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Are you tired of eating the same food in minecraft?Want to try something unique and unusual?Upgrade your world with Eating Ore add-on for Minecraft bedrock edition!

The Eating Ore Add-on introduces edible ore features to your Minecraft world accessible in both survival and creative modes! These ores are actually real ore items and behave identically to vanilla food, you can also use them as normal and we're not taking away their original functionality - if you're impatient. We've put a lot of effort into both texture and behavior ; ensure it can integrate with other add-ons without experiencing the slightest error.
Besides being edible, this add-on also adds certain effects to each ore, and how valuable the ore is, the longer the animation will take to eat it!
So if you're still reading; You might want to know what ores are edible in this addon..
Well, here's a complete list of all the ores for you


It is more suitable to be eaten while under or in a place with a lot of lava or fire.


This food is better eaten in a dark place.


Speed up and slow down in 1 second.

Iron ingot

If you want to be invulnerable then eat this.

Gold ingot

want to get absorption effect? gold bullion is the answer.

Copper ingot

You want to destroy blocks quickly? Eat copper bars.


Eat this and you will become the hero of the village.

Raw copper

Want to take a deep breath underwater? Eat raw copper.

Raw iron

Eating it will increase your speed and endurance.

Raw gold

If you want to fight the raid, eat this then the raid will automatically come to the village.


Health will always be full even if attacked and more effect.

Amethyst shards

Improve running and jumping agility

Netherite ingot


  1. Download .mcaddon
  2. Open the file and wait for it to be imported automatically in Minecraft
  3. Activate the resource pack and behavior pack in your world.

Supported Minecraft versions
  • (beta)
  • 1.17



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