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Rex Structures Addon v1

Rex Structures Addon v1
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Hello do you like adventure, exploring the unknown but... you're tired of always finding the same things, always the same trees the same structures... if so, check out my addon now that has a proposal to add several simple structures more that make all the difference in your manicraft 


are the most common structures to find in your world this addon adds 4 rock models plus some trees including a   new one

cotton tree

This tree that resembles the classic oak tree has 2 models and is very easy to find when breaking its leaves it drops several useful strings for survival.


a simple tree very common in deserts


these structures are rarer and pose no danger... apparently


 beautiful and magnificent appear throughout the overworld there are 2 models and they are seemingly harmless, but...they have their secrets. and reveals them every morning at sunrise!

warrior statues

usually appears in plains and deserts and if you offer an offering (in the funnel at the foot of the statue) you will have a chance to achieve one of 3 effects:
bad: you will receive the poison effect (extremely strong) for 10 seconds which will leave you half hearted along with the bed omen effect plus a lightning strike will strike and a strong storm will start (temporarily)
mee...: it's neither good nor bad you will receive 20 oak logs 20 earths and 3 coals and receive the night vision effect for 30 seconds mee...
good: best possible result gets 5 emeralds 3 diamonds and 1 golden apple in addition to the regeneration effect (uploaded effect) for 30 seconds


 a house the most basic construction of minecraft in this addons there are 2 house models and although they are a good option some of them hide terrible secrets!!!


are usually found in plains and are very rare and have reasonable loot.

desert outpost

an abandoned wooden tower found only in deserts in it you will find chests with various archer items

villager shop

hidden in the middle of the forest there is a small hut apparently simple and unimportant but... if you look you will find a ladder that leads to a secret room
by pressing a stone button you will find that the room is actually a secret villagers shop.


structures that are often simple and rare but that will always present some kind of danger

pillager fort

  a small rare fort found around the world it is protected by several pillagers it has many chests and loot but you are warned

battle tower

is more easily found in savanna biomes a tall structure with several floors full of chests... and monsters if you go through all the floors of the tower on the top floor you will find a very good prize!

phantom ruin

 a ruin in the middle of the forest that summons lightning whenever you spawn there you can find reasonable loot

and more...

barrels of loot

have 3 ore and useless wood models both drop items when destroyed... consider this as a bonus


 this addon adds various decorative blocks they cannot be crafted and are found naturally in structures


to download it is very simple click on the link below and download the .mcaddon file then just click on it and the addon will be automatically imported to your manicraft

Supported Minecraft versions

  • 1.17



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