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End Expansion (Echoing Void Addon)

End Expansion (Echoing Void Addon)
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Do you want more mobs, biomes, blocks, armors, ores, and weapons in The End? Well This Addon Is For You! This is a End Expansion Addon (Echoing Void Addon)! With The New Enderlings, Bosses, Enderite, Foods, And More! 

New The End:
New The End Dimension With One New Ore (Enderite)!
Meet The Enderlings:
Watchling is a mob that attacks you and it drops some enderpearls
This is a mob shoots blastling ammo and it also drops enderpearls
This mob spits snareling webs and also drops enderpearls
This Tallest Boss Fight Attacks Strongly And Summons Watchlings And Drops Enderite Stuff
Broken Heart Of Ender:
This Boss Fight Is Originally From Minecraft Dungeons Echoing Void DLC And This Mobs Has 3 Stages
Stage 1: Summons Endermites And Melee Attacks
Stage 2: Melee Attacks
Stage 3: Summins Endermites And Shoots Ender Orbs And Summons Watchlings 
The Lurker:
This New Type Of Lizard Mob Attacks You. The Lurker Guards It's Eggs While Its Safe (Reminder: If you break its eggs, it will hatch and spawn Lurklings And It will attack you) 
This Blocks Are For Biomes and Structures And It's Useful For Someone To Make Maps For This Addon
The End wouldn't be more updated without this structures but they generate rarely but I will update it soon so you won't need to go far away in The End
End Fortress:
A Structure Generates Bellow The End And It Has Lurker Eggs Which your not supposed to Break And Some Chests With Some Cool Stuff Inside
End House:
One of Its Chests Have No Stuff But One Had Something... 
Lurker's Cave:
The Lurker's Home. With Its Eggs So Don't Go Inside. It Migjt Be Dangerous 
A Structure Where The Broken Heart Of Ender Lives. If you Defeat The Boss, Big Treasure Drops. 
Ryle CrafterYT(me) is in the Addon

Supported Minecraft versions

  • 1.17 (beta)
  • 1.17.11
  • 1.17



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