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Diagonal Walls and Fences

Diagonal Walls and Fences
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This addon adds a different kind of fences and walls in your world, these fences and walls instead of straight they are diagonal. These fences and walls function like their vanilla counterpart but you can jump on them (due to Minecraft's limitations).

These fences and walls are easy to craft they use the same amount of ingredients as their vanilla counterpart but their recipe is altered.

Here is an example of a fence recipe:

(Diagonal Oak Fence)

Here is an example of a wall recipe:

(Diagonal Stonebrick Wall)
You can also find the fences in the creative inventory in the Fences and Walls.
Here is a comparison:
Players can jump up these fences but mobs can't.
Enjoy the addon! :D


  • Experimental Modes Required
  • Addon Only Works in BETA 1.17.30+

Supported Minecraft versions

  • (beta)



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