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World of Piglins Addon

World of Piglins Addon
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Though Piglins were introduced in Minecraft 1.16, there are only a few types of Piglins. In this Addon I bring a few more Piglins mostly inspired from Minecraft Dungeons and some from other Minecraft references.  
This Addon brings a variety of Piglins in Minecraft. 
Piglin Wanderer:
A Piglin completely risking his life and going to different places and trying to sell his lovely goods. These Piglins spawn everywhere and can give you different types of goods for trading. Unlike other Piglins these fellow spawn with Pigs which are their pets. For trading with them you need to first barter them with a gold, then press the trade button. Remember they are pretty greedy and for each time you want to trade with them you need to give them a gold and while bartering trade with them.
Piglin Sorcerer:
These Piglins are sorcerers who love destroying. They will attack you until you die. Also if you manage to kill them, they summon a lightning bolt after dying which can cause you a lot of damage.
Piglin Chieftain:
The main leaders of the Piglin tribes, these Piglins spawn with a Piglin Golem and and are pretty strong.
Piglin fungus Thrower:
These lovely pig faces throw explosive fungus which is definitely harmful for your nether's journey.
Piglin Merchant:
These healthy Piglin can be found in some parts of the nether and can give you nice trades.
Piglin Chief:
The chief of the Piglins, these Piglins are extremely dangerous as they hold a big golden hammer and definitely don't have a balanced diet.
Wither Piglin and Wither Piglin brute:
These both Piglins are infected by the wither and will attack Piglins as they are Withered. 
Piglin Rebel:
These Piglins left their love for gold and hate the gold Piglins. Their trades are of the currencies of different things except gold. They are hostile to Piglins.
Piglins of the plains:
These Piglins live in overworld and are nice and sweet until you hit them. 
Strider Hunter Piglins:
These Piglins hunt strider and make clothes out of it. This is pretty sad.
Undead Piglin:
These Piglins are the remains of the dead Piglins but are then bought to life.
Piglin Witch:
These Piglins practice potion magic and are very evil and mysterious. They mostly spawn with cats.
EnderPiglin and EnderPiglin brute:
These species are modified to live in the end. They are tall and can teleport. They also have netherite gears so be careful.
Strider's Helmet:
This helmet helps you swim in lava.
Gold battle Axe:
Use it for the revolution of gold.
Nether Potion:
Used by Piglin Witch and gives the opponent poison.


Make sure to turn on all experiments, then turn on both resource and behavior pack. If you want creative turn creative first then turn on Experiments and resource and behavior packs. If the Addon does not work then try again by creating a new world. 

Supported Minecraft versions
  • 1.17.11
  • 1.17
  • 1.16.221



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