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BrushTool is a tool useful for world builders and map creators. It can be used to quickly build large areas of blocks. It's different from most other brushes in the way that you can use any block from the inventory with it.

BrushTool is an addon which gives you a structure file, which you can then load into your world anywhere you like! Then, after some simple calibration, you can use it however you like! All the necessary information can be found below, as well as in the book that comes with the structure.


The first thing you need to do is load the structure into your world. To do this, open chat and type in "/give @s structure_block". This will give you a structure block which you can use to save and load structures within your worlds.
Once you have a structure block, place it where you want the structure to be. The structure size is: X+23 Y+8(including the floor) Z+13. Bare in mind, the structure block will be in the southestern corner.
Once you have found a suitable place, open the structure block and put it into 'load' mode. Enter the name of the structure into the input field ("brushtool") and make sure the Y offset is set as -2. Then click the 'load' button and exit the structure block.


Once you have the structure loaded in, you need to calibrate it. To do this, stand on the gold block to the left of the structure and remember the coordinates (image below).
 Then walk over to the far left of the structure. There will be two command blocks with signs on them. When you open them, you will see six numbers. These are two sets of coordinates, and you need to replace them with the coordinates you had while standing on the gold block (image below).
For example, in the image above the six numbers are 19 5 1 19 5 1. You would replace them with 24 5 3 24 5 3. The same with the other command block.
Once you've done that, you should test the calibration to make sure its correct. To do this, place any block on the gold block, and press the button directly to the right. If the block on the gold block gets cloned on top of the command block, you've done everything correctly. If not, you have to calibrate the coordinates again.

Using the brush tool

You can now use the tool. To start, place a block of your choice on the gold block and flip the lever at the front of the structure (bare in mind that this will clear your inventory). You will get five items in your hotbar; a trident, a bow, a crossbow, a sword, and a pickaxe. Also, an armour stand will appear in the center of your view, and it will follow your view. The feet of the armour stand will act as a sort of crossheir. 
When you select the bow, you will go into single block build mode. 
When you select the crossbow, you will go into double block build mode (two blocks stacked on top of eachother). 
When you select the sword, you will go into small clear mode (this will clear a 3x3x3 area around the armour stand).
When you select the pickaxe, you will go into large clear mode (this will clear a 7x7x7 area around the armour stand).
Once you select one of the modes, holding the trident will enable it, and it will start either placing blocks or clearing them, depending on the mode. Make sure to not switch between modes too fast, and to select an empty hotbar slot between modes.
Once you are done using the brush tool, simple flip the switch again and all the items and armour stand will disappear.
And that's it! You can see a video tutorial here:


Once you have downloaded the file, go to your 'downloaded' folder, select "", and click 'move'. Then, go into games > com.mojang > behavior_packs and click 'here'. Then select the file, and click 'more' > 'extract'. Now, if you go into minecraft > settings > storage > behaviour packs, it should be there.

Supported Minecraft versions

  • 1.17 (beta)
  • 1.17.11
  • 1.17



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