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ArtilleryCraft Addon

ArtilleryCraft Addon
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Do you want to destroy things not just with tnt? Well, you're in the right place because this addon adds massive artillery guns to the game to make things extra fun!

This update covers important bug fixes, improvements, a new item and a new Artillery gun! So make sure to test it out for enhanced awesomeness!
Before you use this addon, make sure you toggle experimental features just like this:
So, to craft the basilisk cannon, we need a bunch of iron block and an iron ingot placed like this to make one basilisk cannon:
And you'll a basilisk cannon that looks like this:
So how can we make it work? Well, we need to obviously craft its ammunition. The recipe for an artillery shell looks like this and it will give you 1 artillery shell:
All you need to do is right click the basilisk cannon while holding an artillery shell, or you can press the reload button if you're playing with a mobile device, and you have have to wait for the gun to complete its reload animation before you can fire it with a flint and steel.
The next gun in this addon is this massive gun called the "Typhon Heavy Cannon"
In order to craft this, we'll need higher quality materials. Instead of iron blocks, we'll need netheritre blocks to craft this big boy.
To craft its massive ammunitions, we also need more materials for it too.
It will give you one heavy artillery shell.
You also have to wait for the reload cycle to finish in order to be able to fire it with a flint and steel, also note that it takes longer to reload than the basilisk cannon since it's a big gun
This update also includes a new useful item, the artillery gun remover!
This new item is used for, well, to remove artillery guns, LOL.
You can craft this by placing this pattern like this: 
To remove artillery guns, sneak and right click while holding the item for pc users, and sneak and tap the "Pickup" Button while holding the item.
Finally, the new gun!
The Alastor Siege Cannon
You can also craft this gun by making this pattern just like this:
And for its ammunition, you can craft it by this pattern also: 
There are currently known issues in this version:
  • artillery shells are not rotating correctly towards the target
  • artillery shells are launching on an incorrect angle
  • artillery shells are not launching from the barrel of the artillery guns

Supported Minecraft versions

  • 1.17 (beta)
  • 1.17.11
  • (beta)
  • 1.17



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