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365 MEGAVerse Series - Fire Dragon Demo

365 MEGAVerse Series - Fire Dragon Demo
Addons for Minecraft PE
Currently the Structures that the Fire Dragon are seen don't have Loot, I'll fix that in a later update & the Fire Dragon is very hard to defeat, must a trained and worthy knight slay the beast!

I decided to make a Cut Add-on featuring only the Fire Dragon & Steel as the Bonus Features!

Fire Dragon



Fire Dragons have minimal health of 10 & the Maximum in Adult as 650 HP.
May seem hard enough right? Like 50+ more than the Wither Boss? WRONG! Fire Dragons are Also Armoured thanks to their Fire Dragon Scales made of Hard Steel!
Melee Attacks are 10%
Range Attacks like Projectiles are 25%
TNT or Block Explosions are 100%
Creepers or Entity Explosions are 75%
And Fire ticks, Fire are 0%
While Lava is still a little Broken, they shouldn't be immune to lava but it's like a Minecraft Bug.

Attack Modes:

Bite Attack: Bites that are so Dangerous a Medieval knight would be Swallowed like the King from Shriek.
Fire Breath Attack: As hot as it can be! Can Burnt the Environment and Raw Materials being Cooked! Stained Clay Loosing it's Colour! Iron Blocks turning into Steel! Glass Shattering! And Others Turning to Ash!
Flight Mode: Will Fly and Swoop around you, or Something else can be a Suprise!
Roar Attack: 15 Metres near and your Ears are Bleeding from its Roar! I recommend being 30 Metres Away from it!
Terror Roar Attack: An Devastatingly Dangerous Terror Roar and Ear Piercing Shriek! 15 Metres near and your Head Explodes from the Shockwave! 30 Metres and your Ear Drums will Burst! I recommend being 48 to 60 Metres Away from it!!!


Fire Dragon Scales! Fire Dragon Bones! Fire Dragon Eggs!


Only Babies can be Tamed from Eggs or if your lucky, in the Wild. Can Only Be tamed by Fire Dragon Meat or Dracan Meat (6th Century Eurasia Add-on).
Feeding them to Grow is other Meat like Cows or Chickens for example!
Healing it Requires the Taming Items or by Dragon Healing Potion (6th Century Eurasia Add-on)


They are only Found in the new Biomes that have been Burnt by Global Warming I guess....


Steel can be obtained by Putting Iron Ingot inside the Blast Furnace.
You need to make the Metalworking Table to craft Steel Related stuff or any other Metal or Equipment (6th Century Eurasia Add-on)
Crafting Recipe for Metal Working Table
| |
 _ | _
Steel Ingot = _
Steel Rod = |
Fire Dragon Steel!


Turn on All Experimentals except GameTest.
First Illustration of the Fire Dragon by Kyuu Anticipation Desperation!

Supported Minecraft versions

  • 1.17 (beta)
  • 1.17.11



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