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Totens Pets

Totens Pets
Addons for Minecraft PE
What are totem pets? Totems pets is an addons that adds various pets based on mobs in the game, each 1 has a different ability, for example: 
Gives itens
And etc.

What does each pet do?

panda: he creates a clump of bamboo, which can destroy everything
zombie: after using it, you instantly gain strength 3 for 20 seconds
enderman: throw an ender pearl that, when touching the ground, teleports players
rabbit: after using, you instantly gain super jump 4 for 15 seconds
villager: like every good villager, he gives you emeralds
ocelot: gives you speed 3 for 20 seconds
turtle: leaves immobile for 4 seconds, but immune to any damage
snow golem: throwing snowballs that deals 0 damage, but good for fun =)
parrot: the parrot has many feathers, so much so that it shares its ability to fall slowly for 10 seconds
evoker: summons 1 peaceful zombie that doesn't attack the player, if it hits someone, it can spawn more than 1
bee: this stinger is made of steel, literally, after using it, the enemy that is hit gets poisoned, it doesn't kill
chicken: throws an egg that spawns 2 chicks
cow: removes all effects from the player, this milk was awesome
elder guardian: effects channel for 30 seconds, in addition to dealing 15 damage, and fatigues whoever hits it
bat: gives you night vision for 20 seconds
axolotl: regenerates all your life, very cute right
deactivated slime: to activate hold it
slime activated: after activating, and holding, it automatically creates 2 slimes that don't attack the player, and gains super jump 5 for 4 seconds
phantom: makes you fly for a few seconds and then glide down
dolphin: gives water breathing for 20 seconds and movement speed
fish: gives water breath for 20 seconds
guardian: throws damage lightning, and gives 5 seconds of water breath
silver fish: makes the player invisible
squid: throws a black ink that blinds the enemy
llama: throws up a spit that makes nausea, what disgust
vindicator: throws an Axe, which deals 8 damage, and gives weakness
pig: regenerate all your hunger
spider: launches a spider web that slows enemies
iron golem: gives resistance 6
sheep: summons a wool pillow that cushions your falls, cute
skeleton: Throws a fast arrow that deals 5 damage.
creeper: throws a bomb that explodes, dealing a lot of damage in the area
pillager: shoots a super arrow that deals 10 damage
puffer fish: throw super potent poison, which has the ability to kill the right people.
witch: throws a potion that can go through enemies, dealing surreal damage

how to find pets?


the pets can be found in the "armor and swords" item tab, or they can be picked up using /give @p(or @s) tp:totens pets (pet's name)


All pets can be found in custom trees around the world:
  • Trees release green particles into the environment, so it's easy to find.
  • They can be found close to each other.
The hit chance is low, since I wanted it to be found randomly, to show up just when you're not looking.
all pets are overworld, but in the future I will add nether mobs and end.

what is pet encyclopedia?

doing this craft:
after crafting, you earn this book:
hold the screen and you will open his package:
then click open:
it will have all the information of the pets.



follow these download steps, seriously
  1. click on Download, and then click on the blue button
  2. then click "open" and minecraft
  3. then create or add the world
  4. important part, "follow this order"
  5. add this to the world
    6. then add the addons to the world

Supported Minecraft versions

  • 1.17.11



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