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More Apples v1.4.0

More Apples v1.4.0
Addons for Minecraft PE
In Minecraft there is only an apple of gold ore, would you like an apple from other ores? Add-on More Apples adds new apples! Of these, diamond, emerald, redstone, iron, coal, lapis lazuli, quartz, copper, prismarine and netherite apples!

All the crafting recipes of apple and their own status effects:
Use /function more_apples to get all apples
Addon returns enchanted golden apple recipe:
Prismarine and enchanted prismarine apples:
Coal and enchanted coal apples:
Redstone and enchanted redstone apples:
Lapis lazuli and enchanted lapis lazuli apples:
Quartz and enchanted quartz apples:
Copper and enchanted copper apples:
Iron and enchanted iron apples:
Emerald and enchanted emerald apples:
Diamond and enchanted diamond apples:
Netherite and enchanted netherite apples:


- Click "Download More Apples v1.4.0.mcaddon file",
-  Skip AD (No downloads or enable notificatioons),
- Download and enjoy!
Please enanle "Holiday Creator Features" in your world settings!

Supported Minecraft versions

  • (beta)
  • 1.17



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