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Creator Tools

Creator Tools
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Creator Tools is useful add-on for builders, imagine copying and pasting things with no commands! What about rotate blocks? Easy! Remove/drain area? Just one click! This add-on has these features and more!

This addon will improve your building experience because it will give you ability to:
  • Remove blocks from area (D=3/7/9/17)
  • Copy blocks (D=1/3/7/9/17)
  • Drain area - remove water/lava (D=3/7/9/17)
  • TNT Destroyer - throws TNT
  • Debug Stick - rotates block
Some Important Information:
You need to turn on Holiday Creator Features

These items can be found in equipment category and they all have enchantment glint:
Use tool with hoe texture on block and it will copy it.
Use another hoe to paste.
When you use paste thing on block, it will paste with replacing this block.
Due to some Minecraft bugs, it can't paste under y = 0 (C&C experiment)
Remove Blocks
This tool will remove all blocks in certain radius:
Use this enchanted bucket on block and it will drain area nearby:
TNT Destroyer
Use this item to shoot tnt.
Sometimes TNTs don't explode immediately after hitting the ground
Debug Stick
This stick can be used to rotate blocks.
You might need to sneak to rotate blocks with which you can interact.
Honestly you don't really need resource pack, the only thing it adds is better (?) structure void texture:
(Easier to see where it is placed and where not)

Supported Minecraft versions

  • 1.16.100



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