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Monster Creatures V2.1 (Ghost Update)

Monster Creatures V2.1 (Ghost Update)
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Monster Creatures is a addon based on the mod called: Ghostly, which is present in the Pirates series. The addon adds 4 mobs at the moment since it is a beta version, if you are interested in the plugin, stick to the end, let's get started!

Before continuing with something very necessary, for the add-on to work perfectly you must activate the following experimental game modes:
Now, the mobs will not attack you unless you attack them, now we go through the characteristics of the creatures:

Monster Cow

Health: 20

Attack: 6

Loot: beef and leather

Monster Pig

Health: 20

Attack: 6

Loot: Porckchop

Monster Sheep

Health: 20

Attack: 6

Loot: wool and raw beef

Monster Horse

Health: 20

Attack: 6

Loot: Horse beef (NEW)

Monster Wolf

Health: 18

Attack: 7

Loot: wool,raw beef

The Ghost (NEW)

It will attack passive mobs to possess them and turn them into monsters and will try to kill you

Supported Minecraft versions
  • (beta)
  • 1.17
  • 1.16.221



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