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God Of War Addon - Ragnarök Is Coming!

God Of War Addon - Ragnarök Is Coming!
Addons for Minecraft PE
This addon is based on the playstation game "God Of War" where you will find many new textures, sounds, music, mobs and more !!!
This project is focused on bringing the essence of the original video game, music, enemies, gods, etc ...

All the textures found there and mobs were created by my El Sando, there are some that were free and free to use which I found in different free texture pages, if you see one that you have seen before it is for the reason that it is free to use .

To play my addon you must put your world in EXPERIMENTAL mode to be able to play it, since it adds more, it does not replace mobs, textures, MUSIC and much more !!!
All of these new mobs spawn naturally in biomes, similar to the original God Of war game.
At the beginning you can make the decision to be kratos or be yourself, since now you are a God, you have too much life and strength

Suport video

Performance Glitches?
If the performance in the game is difficult, remove in world obtions “mob generation” and put this command in the chat bar “/ Kill @ e” that way it will make the game more fluid. But you must put the mobs yourself personally
You can play it on the official map

New weapons and armors:
You will find new weapons with textures very similar to the original game, Among the new weapons you will find the leviathan ax which replaces the trident, if you put the spell on it the ax will return to you just like in the original game !!!
You will also find the swords of chaos and the bow of Atreus You will also find new swords and axes that will be used by the Draugr


Among the new armor you will find the skins of kratos, giving you resistance and a lot of life
New Trades:
Sindri and Brok
Sindri :
In terms of trade, sindri is the most noble and cheapest, it will not ask you as many things as brok does
more grumpy and unkind brock, they give you good rewards but it won't come cheap
They will give you the most powerful weapons in the game, the swords of chaos and the Leviatan ax.

Watch this video where you will find ALL the new trades and HOW TO MAKE the chaos swords and the leviathan ax
Norse mythology

Kratos is a god, he is too strong and agile, you will always find him with his son next to him just like in the original game, you can tame him with raw salmon just like the son Atreus !!

Health: 800
Generate: atreus
scale: 1.2 (a little more than the player)
attack: Draugr, troll., zombie, creeper, and more...

Kratos can spawn in two ways, the first is that he wields the Leviathan axe and the other with his chaos swords

Areus is a child but he is still too powerful and much more powerful when he is next to his father since this will always happen, Aredus will always be accompanied by his father Kratos

Health: 400
Shoot: arrow ( very fast)
scale: 0.8 
attack: Draugr, troll., zombie, creeper, and more...

Don't forget that you can make Kratos and Aryus follow you if you give them some raw salmon

Troll (Dauði Kaupmaðr):
this huge troll monster is very dangerous as it is too big and strong, It is not that fast but every time it attacks you it will generate a slow effect making it more difficult to defeat

Health: 300
Hit effect: slow
scale: 2.5 ( big)
attack: player, villager, Kratos, Atreus, and more…

If you did not have the power of the gods it would be very difficult to defeat him but as this addon gives you powers you can fight against him a little easier ...

These zombie skeletons are the easiest to defeat, of course if they are alone because if there are many around it will be much more complicated since each hit they give you will give you the effect of wither

Health: 30
Equipment: stone axe and sword stone
scale: 0.5, 1.0,1.2
attack: player, villager, Kratos, Atreus, and more…
Dark Elf
Very dangerous flying creatures, you will usually find them together, they do not have much life but they have too much damage, be careful.
Health: 13
Damage: 12
Effect: Whiter
scale: 1.0
attack: player, villager, Kratos, Atreus, and more…
Suport video
Greek mythology

Kratos Ghost of Sparta
Here you will find Kratos in his time where he served and hated the gods, his thirst for revenge and power makes him too dangerous even for him.
Health: 800
Generate: Spartans
scale: 1.0 
attack: Draugr, troll., zombie, creeper, player, and more...
Spartans men made for battle will always carry with them their shield and their spear, they are always together
Auuuuu Auuuu Auuuuu!!!
Health: 40
Equipment: Shield and Lance
scale:  1.0
attack: player, villager, Gods, dragurs, and more…
New spartans addon
Fearsome and almost powerful beasts the minotaurs will be semi-bosses just like in the original game
Health: 180
Equipment: Minotaur Axe
scale:  2.0
attack: player, villager, saprtans, dragurs, and more…
Gods and demigods of Olympus
hades god of the underworld, a great rival and powerful god who will always want to kill you to keep your soul
Health: 600
Damage: 12
Effect: Whiter
scale: 4.5
attack: player, villager, Kratos, Atreus, and more…
zeus father of the gods the great god with powers of lightning and thunder, with unlimited powers and very powerful
Health: 700
Shoot: Zeus Thunder
scale: 1.2
attack: player, villager, Kratos, Atreus, and more…
ares god of war powerful and enormous kill him so that he gives you his position and you be the god of war
Health: 550
Damage: 10
Effect: Whiter
scale: 9.0
attack: player, villager, Kratos, Atreus, and more…
hercules wielder of the lion's fists exactly the same as the original game, hercules is too strong and difficult to kill be careful
Health: 500
Damage: 10
Effect: slowness
scale: 2.0
attack: player, villager, Kratos, Atreus, and more…



2. press the downloaded file and it will automatically install into your game

Supported Minecraft versions

  • 1.9
  • 1.8
  • 1.7
  • 1.6



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