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Banana Munkies (Monkeys)

Banana Munkies (Monkeys)
Addons for Minecraft PE
Want to give your Jungles more life? Always liked eating Bananas? Then this is the pack for you! This pack will give you randomly spawned Munkies… climbing, playing, and frolicking in any Jungle Biome. Bananas are a new fruit for Minecraft. Great for eating, jumping, and taming Munkies!

·         Can stack up to 64
·         Nutrition Value of 4
·         Can always eat (you don’t need to be hungry)
·         When eaten by player, player received Jump Boost 2 effect for 10 seconds…great for jumping from treetop to treetop
·         Used to tame Munkies
·         Adult and Full-size Munkies are tamable with Bananas
·         After tame, they will follow owner, attack with/for you, and are leashable
·         They do run from Creepers
·         Can be healed with Bananas or any raw meats
·         They can pick up just about any item (especially Bananas)
·         They share items amongst themselves
·         They can climb and don’t take fall damage (due to their agility)
·         Can be tempted with Bananas (with or without tame)
·         Upon death, there is a chance that they will drop Bananas, leather, vines, string, and whatever else they happen to have picked up.
·         Will spawn as a passive mob in any Jungle Biome
Baby Munkies:
·         Very small
·         6 health
·         Fast movement
·         1 attack damage
·         2 inventory slots
·         Feeding allows faster growth to adult
·         Sittable (if you can catch them)
·         Not breedable
      Adult Munkies:
·         Half player size
·         10 health
·         3 attack damage
·         4 inventory slots
·         Can breed with Bananas
     Full-Size Munkies:
·         Same size as player
·         20 health
·         5 attack damage
·         8 inventory slots
·         Can breed with Bananas
     Big Munkies (Gorilla):
·         1.5 times player size
·         30 health
·         Slower movement
·         8 attack damage
·         27 inventory slots
·         You can’t sit them, however, you have access to their inventory for portable storage. They might follow behind you while mining and pick up the left overs for you. (Still needs testing)
·         Not Breedable

Supported Minecraft versions

  • 1.17



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