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Floating Text+ New Update

Floating Text+ New Update
Addons for Minecraft PE
Se vuoi dare un tocco personale al mondo con il lettering fluttuante, questo addon fa per te, come nei server reali, puoi attraversarlo e il lettering rimane lì, senza che si muova. Con il nuovo aggiornamento puoi rinominare e spawnare con l'articolo.


To Use Floating Text activate these settings.

Floating Text + just summon text: Does not require experimental mode.
Floating Text + just spawn egg: Does not require experimental mode.
Floating Text + With the menu: Requires the experimental mode.
There are 3 versions of floating text:
Version 1

Floating Text + just summon text:
contains only floating text, which by command /summon from:floating_text, create your floating text.
Version 2

Floating Text + just spawn egg:
contains a new one that allows you to generate floating text.
with added modification of the Anvil,to make more lines of text.
Version 3 

Floating Text + With the menu:
Contains a menu that allows you to have a large floating text personalization.
Add the following things:

+ Floating Text [with even his egg]
+ Particle [12 particles to improve floating text]
+ Floating Item [Add 4 floating items (Skin,Chestplate,Sword,Land)
+ Floating Text Clickable [Allow you to run the commands of your choice, just by clicking the floating text(8 Floating text Clickable Command)]
+ Ui Anvil [Added 4 new strings for Anvil,for multiple lines of text]
+ Menu [to facilitate the work of creating the floating text]
To activate the menu, do the following command / function menu.
it will give you an atime that you need to right click to open the menu
Once summon item has been used, to activate advanced modification
Left click on the floating text.
That will activate the following menu in which you can find different functions:

- Kill All Texts
- Generate clickable text
- Generate Floating Items
- Place Particles of your choice
- Change floating text position

When you generate Floating Items, Clickable Floating Text
You will have to left click again to activate their menus for editing.
Menu Floating Text edit  
Menu Floating Item

You will find 4 items,that each of them has different skins.

Skin: Only 1

Sword :



To modify the skin just right click on it, instead for the skin, from the texture pack.

Menu Floating Text Clickable

To edit floating text text, do so before spawning clickable text.
To change the floating text, item is the rest, the menu must be enabled.

I hope you enjoy this addon,If you want more addon updates, support the project with many stars and follow me on social networks.



To install the pack:
Windows:Click on the downloaded file and start the installation automatically.
Android:You must have a File Manager, for example Rs File Manager. Once you have downloaded the texture, extract it in the games / com.mojang / resource_packs folder.
Console:You import it through the realms.
 Supported Minecraft versions
  • 1.17.11
  • 1.16.200



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