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More Efficient Crating 0.4

More Efficient Crating 0.4
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The more efficient crafting addon adds 2 simple blocks that allow you to convert resources into different materials like plants into bonemeal and meal tools back into ingots to make stuff efficiently
Make sure to turn on Holiday Creator Features, Upcoming Creator Features and Modding Capabilities for the addon to work
This is not a final version!, this addon is still in active development, this is just an early-release

Melting Table

the melting table is a block that allows you to convert iron and gold gear back into ingots, instead of smelting them on a furnace to get a single nugget
Glass Glass Glass
IronB Glass IronB
Lava  Lava  Lava


the fertilizer is a block that allows you to convert plants and food into bonemeal
you may say "this is just a composter", well yes but its more efficient, while a composter can take 14 of a material for 1 bonemeal this table converts 1 plant to 1 bonemeal
Planks Glass Planks
Planks Grass Planks
Planks Glass Planks


Addon Compatibility

if you (for some strange reason) want to allow people to use this addon to make your tools reusable (making infinite shovels or adding recipes that require melting) its as easy as making a new shapeless recipe with the tag "melter" inside the tag list in the recipe, if you want to make plants convertible to bonemeal you can use "fertilizer" as a tag on the recipes


download the mcaddon file then open it
for xbox use mc addons manager to install it

Supported Minecraft versions

  • 1.17 (beta)
  • 1.17.11
  • (beta)
  • 1.17



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